Creating an app icon (the easiest way)

Daniel Rybak

What is the easiest/fastest way to create an icon for my own application, that looks like the ones from Odoo.

I found that the original Odoo icons are square, "material design" icons and have shadow toward bottom left.

My easiest/fastest way:

  1. Find an image you want to use in Odoo icon. This image is usually black and white and it's PNG or SVG file.

  2. Flip image horizontally (I'll tell you why in a moment). You can use some software or online tools.

  3. Go to https://romannurik.github.io/AndroidAssetStudio/and click "Launcher icon generator"

  4. Load your image, set color to white, choose background color and set effect to "Cast shadow". Shadow is only toward bottom right and we need toward bottom left. That's why we fliped image horizontally. Download icon pack.

  5. Flip icon horizontally again and crop to have 140x140 icon. Done!

Do you know easiest/fastest way?