Odoo Studio: Everything you need to know to build a great app!

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Odoo Studio for Partners

 Developing and maintaining additional code might be difficult and time consuming. Odoo Studio was created to make changes in a framework easy, quick, and predictable when upgrading versions. We will cover you some basic Studio functionality, as well as some common mistakes that are made when doing customizations with Studio.

The format of this live webinar will be an interactive discussion between Hendrik, an account manager and Marie, an expert on Odoo Studio. They'll cover benefits of Odoo Studio specifically from the perspective of partners. The agenda of the webinar:

  • What can you get out of Odoo Studio
  • How you can use it
  • Common mistakes
  • Live Q&A

The webinar is free to attend and will be streamed live on our YouTube channel.

Data & Hora
6 de julho de 2021
15:00 16:00 Europe/Brussels

Odoo S.A.

--Odoo S.A.--
+32 81 81 37 00

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