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Al Maabilah, Seeb
+968 9637 3470

TTI group, is a group specialized in providing its customers with the safest movement-providing-machines like elevators, escalators and auto-parking systems. TTI experience dates back to 1995 where we first started directly by following the steps of advanced and modern systems that were developed throughout the years.

These systems are mainly concerned with rationing the consumption of resources and energy that in return provide a safer, easier, and more effective use for the customer.


Movement-providing-machines that TTI manufactures include not just only passengers’ elevators, but also administrative buildings’, malls’, goods’, cars’, Dumbwaiters’, as well as panoramic type elevators.

In addition to that, we conserve the variety of our products by building escalators that also come in all types and degrees of inclination serving both regular and heavy duties.