C Beyond Internet
C Beyond Internet
Started in 2016, C Beyond has succeeded to assume the leading position in the Lebanese Telecommunication market. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure and continuous dedication to providing innovative communication solutions to both the consumer and corporate markets, granted them the confidence, knowledge and the ability to continue serving our invaluable customers and consider further expansion beyond the local borders.

Their Challenge:
Currently, C beyond is using a local accounting system to manage their financial operations along with another project management and timesheet tool along with subscription system for internet usage.
They are looking for a solution that eliminates the redundancy of software systems and have a consolidated system without paying recurring fees. A system that can keep track od their customer’s data and requirements in a well-structured form.

Azkatech, the Odoo Gold Partner, has managed to offer a solution on top of Odoo ERP that can fulfill all the requirements of C Beyond. The solution covered following business processes:
Sales: unified place of history of each customer along with their financial history such as
paid and due invoices.
Subscription module, to renew each customer’s account on monthly basis.
Business management operations consisting of quotations, sales orders. Expenses.
Warehouse management & Purchasing
Project management to track all tasks and time spend on each project assigned to a specific employee in addition to time sheet billing.