Hasco General Trading

Hasco General Trading

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HASCO Group is an international trading house with registered offices Dubai, Kenya, Djibouti,

Ethiopia and Singapore; dealing in various industries such as foods, building materials and


Today HASCO Group is the largest single owned family business in Somalia. HASCO Group is a

pioneer in building long term relationships with various types of trading partners across East


As the market grows in Somalia, commodities are being imported from all over the world to

Mogadishu port. HASCO Group is a Dubai based general trading and Logistics Company that

mainly imports construction and food stuff to Mogadishu, Somalia in general cargo vessels.

HASCO Group’s logistics department has been the leading bulk-break importer in Somalia

since 1993. The company shipped 36,125 tons of General Cargo in the year 2017.

Our Services:

1) Logistics

2) Sea Freight

3) Warehousing

4) Custom Clearance

5) Transportation

6) Building Material Trade

7) Foodstuff Trade