Sky Creative

Showing The Importance of Cross-Operational Visibility

Sky Creative Trading & Contracting

Location: Doha, Qatar

Industry: Wholesale Trading & General Contracting

Partner Name: NextMove Business Solutions 

Main Apps implemented/used: Accounting, Inventory, Sales, Purchase and HR

Company Size: 10+

About Sky Creative
Sky Creative Trading & Contracting has established a strong reputation as a global and regional leader in the field of retail and general trading. Meeting and exceeding client requirements and expectations is the company’s chief and overriding purpose. 

Sky creative has a wide variety of products and services that range from furniture and office supplies to construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. The company has worldwide offices and network partners that allow the company to source and supply the most advanced and technically-suited products and services. Their client list encompasses many market sectors, including international institutions, internationally positioned government agencies, military, media, labor camps, construction, educational facilities, and the oil and gas sectors. They have a number of reputable clients including Carrefour, Toys R Us, Virgin, and LG. 

The Importance of Cross-Operational Visibility

As a company with such broad reach into various industries and international markets, Sky Creative realizes the importance of organization and keeping clear cohesive records of any transaction that occurs. They particularly understand the need for having an automated and integrated software that allows all employees easy access to any kind of information that they may need. 

One of the biggest issues Sky Creative was facing was that their supply chain was not automated. Previously, they were using Microsoft Excel and endless hours of manual work to keep below adequate oversight on the flow of their goods and services. This meant that their efficiency was challenged on multiple fronts: not only were they putting hours of avoidable labor to maintain some level of oversight, but also this oversight was not integrated with any of the other company’s departments, often not kept up to date, prone to human error and difficult to interpret. 

The strongest pain point Sky Creative was dealing with was that their data was not integrated. This particularly slowed them down because their sales, supply chain, and purchase departments did not have easy access to one another’s information. This meant that there was little cross-operational visibility, which often led to teams working on the same project at the same time and ignoring other projects that needed attention. It was as though two hands of the same body could not see one another.  

While Sky Creative was able to quickly realize its need for an ERP solution in order to centralize their data and integrate all of their processes, they were struggling to find an ERP solution that worked for them because they had very unique requirements. They could not find a ready-made link or integration that fits their needs anywhere in the market. They desperately needed a solution that not only would optimize their productivity, but also they needed it to be open-source and customizable. 

Odoo: Integrated and Open Source

That is when they found our software solution. Our solution is not only centralized, integrated and efficient, it is also customizable and flexible. Sky Creative knew that our solution was exactly what they needed to improve themselves. While Odoo is used in every part of their business, they particularly use our Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Sales and HR modules. 

Since implementing our software, Sky Creative has seen a significant reduction in manual labor across all departments and an increase in handling productivity by 3 times. With the help of our business partners, NextMove Business Solutions, they were able to customize our already existing apps so that they fully cater to their unique needs. 

As a trading company, Sky Creative has found that our Sales and Purchase applications are the most valuable to their business. Our Purchase application allows companies to get forecasts on product availabilities based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves. Like all of our other applications, our Purchase application allows companies to completely automate their process and save time. Sky Creative is now able to set up rules to automatically send RfQs to their suppliers based on stock levels. The company can stay organized because they can keep track of the status of their quotes and orders, of the amount of the orders and the expected delivery date. 

Our Purchase application is completely integrated and works seamlessly with our Sales applications. Sky Creative benefits from our quotation builder that creates customized, polished quotes in seconds. After the quotations are sent out, employees can convert them into sales orders with one click, or they can let their customers do it themselves. Our software allows companies to predefine any product variants and types to allow for easier tracking and the creation of quotations. The company has particularly benefited from our application because it takes into account potential discounts, coupons, shipping fees or third-party shippers.  

Ultimately, there now exists far better visibility between the different departments and this has led employees to have better insight on the process of their product and their role in this process. The company has much smoother day-to-day functioning, increased flexibility, and wastes much less resources on doing redundant, avoidable activities. 

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