Out-of-the-Box Odoo Solution Ups Production Order Efficiency By 40% For Alumi

Company Name: Alumi Group Ltd
Location: New Zealand
Industry: Manufacturing
Company Size: 10-49
Apps Implemented: eCommerce, Calendar, Employees, Fleet, Studio, Timesheets, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Project, Accounting, Website, Sales, Invoicing, Barcode, Discuss, CRM, Contacts
No. of Odoo Users: 13
Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Based in New Zealand, Alumi Group Ltd is a window and door manufacturing company that bases its businesses on innovation and technology.  

With a mission to deliver high-quality and performant services and products to protect New Zealand homes and commercial premises, the manufacturer manages an international warehouse set-up with one in Auckland and another one in China, as well as overseas imports of hardware, glass, and other supplies also from China as well as Malaysia. 

Digital Transformation After COVID-19

Like many other businesses, Alumi found the need for digital transformation during COVID-19 when all offline activities were prohibited. 

Searching for a platform that allows them to prioritize the needs of both clients and partners, Alumi decided to implement Odoo for the broad capabilities that cater to the management of project scope, quality, budget, schedule, communications, procurements, and more. Another advantage of Odoo is its third-party integration flexibility, allowing the window and door manufacturer to connect the other in-house systems to its new Odoo suite. Given its cloud-based nature, Odoo also offers easy accessibility to everyone in the company to keep the business running smoothly remotely. 

Streamlining All Sales Activity Out Of The Box

Odoo makes complex business processes simple. If you want results in quick turnaround time, Odoo will not disappoint.

Yuan Gao • Co-founder of  Alumi Group Ltd

The out-of-the-box Odoo solution with integrated modules has streamlined the daily operations for Alumi in myriad ways. A typical day looks like this now for the team:

A Well-Rounded Quick Fix For Sales Management

Thanks to Odoo's flexibility, Alumi has successfully integrated its in-house engineering module with Odoo Sales and Inventory using the Odoo XML RPC protocol.

Previously, Alumi faced challenges with a labor-intensive and error-prone workflow. With only one team member responsible for processing all production-related documents, they had to gather information from various legacy systems and Excel sheets manually. This process was time-consuming and prone to human errors.

Now, on Odoo, each team can access the project brief on the Project and Sales apps. While the customer service team automates bills of materials (BoMs) and purchase orders (POs) containing more than 100 SKUs per production order and over 400 units of products on the app with the information automated from the CRM and eCommerce apps on Odoo Invoicing, the warehouse team can arrange necessary stock moves using Odoo Inventory, with all changes reflected on the system in real-time.

This seamless integration and real-time data sharing have significantly improved production order efficiency in Alumi by 40%.

Once all preparations are complete, Alumi's production team can initiate manufacturing using the order received through Odoo Manufacturing. They can also provide production updates directly within the same app. By integrating with Odoo Timesheets, the Manufacturing app enables the team to track and record the hours spent on each project accurately, optimizing the customer's budget.

Furthermore, the customer service team can maintain strong customer relationships by regularly updating order status. They can also exercise cost control by monitoring the production schedule, which is regularly updated by the production team using the Manufacturing app.

An Ideal Solution For SMEs in New Zealand

We are grateful that Odoo has a great solution that targets the SMEs in New Zealand. I see Odoo being an omni-digital tool for a lot of organizations like Alumi, who want to harness the power of a modern ERP solution but don't necessarily know where to start.

Yuan Gao • Co-founder of  Alumi Group Ltd

Overall, this seamless integration across different Odoo apps empowers Alumi to streamline its operations, enhance budget optimization, and foster effective communication throughout the production process.

Alumi Group Ltd

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