Martes Specure International: Enhancing Efficiency & Process Transparency

Company name: Martes Specure International
Location: Austria, Slovakia, and Germany
Industry: Information & Telecommunications Technology
Partner name: Versada
Main Apps implemented: Sales, Purchase, HR, Recruitment, Warehouse, Inventory, Fleet, Lunch, Manufacturing, Repair, Maintenance, Invoicing
Company Size: 25 - 50 Employees
Number of Odoo Users: 30
Hosting Type: On-Premise

About Martes Specure International

Martes Specure International is a global technology company, formed by the merger of Martes (founded in 1995) and Specure (founded in 2014). Currently, the company has offices in Vienna, Austria, and Zilina, Slovakia.

In central Europe, Martes Specure International focuses on services related to frequency spectrum auctions and high-speed internet monitoring solutions. In Slovakia, the company primarily develops, implements, and provides software solutions for logistics and telecommunication service providers. The key product of Martes Specure International in the open-source platform for internet quality measurement is known as Specure NetTest.

Martes Specure International is a partner of numerous national telecommunication and regulatory institutions, service providers, technology companies, and academic institutions. It currently participates in a global EU project: Connecting Europe Facility. The goal of the project is the transparent and objective mapping of internet connectivity in Europe.

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Digitalizing Processes With Odoo

Prior to implementing Odoo, Martes Specure International (MSI) found there were several areas where they needed to have a solid and flexible system in place to support their business. Some key areas were accounting, warehouse management, communication, and general process optimization. As MSI operates in multiple offices located across three countries, the company wanted to set-up a unified, integrated system for the offices in Slovakia and Austria that would contain all critical business data and information for management. 

After choosing among several proprietary systems, MSI decided to also look at several open-source systems, including Odoo. They chose Odoo due to its capability to customize the system easily and independently. MSI didn’t come across any showstoppers with this approach, and the initial cost to get started was also very favorable.

For their Odoo solution, MSI decided to use an Odoo Partner for their implementation because they knew it would save them a lot of time and effort. The company chose Versada based on criteria, such as cost-benefit ratio, and low risk, due to their rich experience working with Versada on similar projects.

In order to reach MSI’s vision of process digitalization, Versada implemented the following apps: 

  • Sales; for the processing of the full sales cycle from quotation to invoicing.

  • Purchase; to track costs of equipment purchased and manage suppliers.

  • HR and Recruitment; for the HR department recruitment process, and to track employee holidays, sick leaves etc., with the addition of the Lunch module for employees to order meals to the office.

  • Warehouse and Inventory; for detailed tracking of stock.

  • Fleet; to manage employee travel expenses.

  • Manufacturing and Repair; to track everything related to the manufacturing processes. MSI is also tracking and evaluating the warranty products with all components. Odoo apps help MSI see the history of certain parts, adjust, and analyze them.

  • Maintenance; for inventory and equipment tracking.

“The cooperation fulfilled our expectations. We established a simple, yet effective process on how to deal with issues and our requirements. We primarily use an online ticketing system where we describe requirements in the form of user stories. Occasionally we have online conferences where we discuss our needs and the possible solutions.”
- Jozef Svrcek Jr. Director at Martes Specure International 

MSI is highly satisfied with the outcomes and improvements to their daily operations that have been made possible with Odoo. In the company’s Slovakian office, the number of users using at least one Odoo module is at 40%, in comparison to the previous system, where it was just 10%. 

The low number of users in the previous system was due to the inflexibility of the system to accommodate MSI’s processes, as well as the potential increase in the licensing cost. With Odoo, processes are clearer and the system is user-friendly. This has added efficiency and process transparency for all employees, as they have real-time access to all key information.

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