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Dream Mountain Services
1717 Blacksmith CT
Logan, UT 84321
Estados Unidos
(801) 770-4869

Dream Mountain Services

 About Partner

Dream Mountain Services, established in 2011, is a trusted leader in Odoo ERP consulting and development services. With a decade of experience, we provide comprehensive support for the Odoo ERP platform. We also specialize in the Odoo accounting system.


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Email: sales@dreammtn.services  
Phone:  (801) 770-4869


At Dream Mountain Services, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in our fast-paced economy. Our team of experienced Odoo consultants and ERP experts is dedicated to helping our clients streamline their operations, optimize efficiency, and achieve their business goals using the Odoo ecosystem. Whether you are a custom manufacture, a retail chain or an eCommerce store, we can help you successfully implement Odoo.

Odoo Consulting

Odoo Accounting

Odoo Implementation

          Odoo Integration

Odoo Customization

          Odoo Support

Odoo Deployment

         Odoo Hosting


We offer support for all industries, but have the most experience in Manufacturing, Point of Sale, eCommerce, and Service based industries


- Custom Product Flows

 - Advanced Planning & Forecasting 

- IoT Equipment Integration for Cost & Maintenance Tracking

 - Custom Equipment Integrations

Point of Sale: 

- Custom Payment Terminals Integrations with Refunds 

- Large Catalog support 

- Custom Hardware support


​- Custom Store Design 

- Custom Payment Solutions

 - Onsite Shipping Tracking 

- Custom Product Review Programs


- Advanced Warehouse Management 

- 3PL tools and integrations 

- Custom Shipping Integrations

Service Industries: 

​- Billing Automations 

- Time Records on Invoices 

- Custom Services Tracking


- Physical Products

 - Custom Payment Integrations 

- Auto terminate after x Periods


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Everlast Epoxy

Everlast Epoxy Systems was founded by David Linton, who had previously owned both a retail flooring store and a commercial flooring contracting business. They are dedicated to creating and providing the healthiest, most durable and easiest-to-maintain floors for commercial facilities, and are committed to honesty, a “customer-first” approach, dedication to their work and products, and integrity. They have a vast selection of products, clients, and resources.

Junari were chosen to implement a full Odoo system to run their entire operation and agreed to work using an entirely agile approach. The project included work in the following areas:
Data Import / Data Migration from multiple sources (inc. Zoe eCommerce and Ontraport)
Sales Opportunities (CRM), Forecasting, Quotes and Orders
Purchase Order Processing (POP)
Inventory / Product Management
Accounts, including Avalara Integration for tax codes
Website, including eCommerce
Human Resources (HR), including Time Off
...and more
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