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Home and More
Home and More
Home and More is a well-established and highly respected organization within the textile industry, with its headquarters located in Kenya. Their accounting practices are in full compliance with the regulations set forth by the Kenyan government, reflecting their commitment to ethical and transparent business operations.

Home and More boasts a wide range of product portfolios that are available in various colors, designs, and sizes. They cater to diverse consumer needs and preferences, thereby enhancing their customer base and market reach. Their sales cycle is structured and thorough, commencing with sales orders and concluding with sales invoices. This process ensures that all transactions are recorded accurately, and all relevant documents are generated and distributed to relevant stakeholders.

Home and More places significant importance on managing their customers' credit limits during the purchase cycle. This practice ensures that customers do not exceed their credit limits, thereby preventing any financial losses or payment defaults. By monitoring credit limits, Home and More can maintain a healthy cash flow and minimize any risks associated with credit sales.

To ensure accurate financial reporting, Home and More employs a landed cost approach on shipments that come from Egypt. This approach takes into account all the costs associated with importing goods, including freight charges, customs duties, insurance, and other expenses. By using this method, Home and More can accurately determine the actual cost of goods sold, which is crucial for maintaining a profitable business operation.

In conclusion, Home and More is a highly proficient retail company that operates in the textile industry in Kenya. Their extended accounting cycle, combined with their commitment to regulatory compliance, ensures the accuracy and transparency of their financial reporting. Their diverse range of product portfolios, along with their structured sales cycle and credit management practices, further enhance their reputation as a reliable and reputable company.