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icons international trading
icons international trading
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We are an enterprise going back several generations — our family has perfected our distribution practices since 1938! Since founding ICONS International Trading in 2020, we have set out to stimulate and revolutionise the distribution industry in Yemen and throughout the Middle East.
The art of distribution is deeply ingrained in our family. So much experience and expertise have been handed down through the years as we’ve cultivated the trust of our clients and partners. Now, as we challenge and reinvent the conventions of the industry, we look forward to greater success than at any time in our history.
Your Top Yemen FMCG Consultants and Retail Distribution Service
An HSA Group Entity
Skillful brand distribution allows you to assert your presence, scale your output, and expand your reach. ICONS International Trading gets your products into the hands and lives of consumers in Yemen and across the Middle East!
We provide a comprehensive portfolio of services for key FMCG brands and PHC products that encompass baby care product, feminine hygiene, fabric, hair care, shaving, oral care, and a full spectrum of PHC, food and non-food consumer goods.
We are leaders in marketing and global brands distribution. We know you’ve spent untold time and money crafting that exceptional standout product. Now it’s time to send it into the world. We oversee complete marketing and distribution services that include:

Customer Analytics
We help you understand your customer segments — who they are, where they shop, what they buy, and what you can do to snag their attention.

Sales Strategy
We work with our partners on creating a planned go to market (GTM) strategy to identify how and where to sell the products. This cascades down to channel and customer level while utilising the most advanced ERP systems and team training to ensure flowless executions.

Product Care
We store and preserve your products using advanced warehousing practices that ensure your product is in the best condition when sold.

Customised Distribution
We deploy a distribution approach entirely catered to your brand — one that maintains compliance with all internal and external sales and legal regulations.