SkipCash is a mobile payment app that offers a convenient and enjoyable experience throughout the payments journey for both consumers and merchants. The app enables consumers to make digital payments using a proprietary QR code thereby reducing the need for cash, physical cards, and Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices. SkipCash also allows consumers to link their card securely to use it in all their transactions, monitor their spending via visual spending reports, organize their payments receipts, enable virtual accounts for kids & family members, and access to merchants’ vouchers & coupons.

SkipCash expressed the need to eliminate the manual process to save a lot of time and money by implementing a comprehensive user-friendly ERP solution to optimize the workflow processes.

With the support of Ever Business Solutions, SkipCash Commission implemented a full ERP system divided into several categories, offering efficient solutions through multiple modules such as:
1. HR & Payroll to manage employees, approvals, leaves, appraisals, access their information and process their appropriate salaries easily and efficiently.
2. Accounting & budget management: A solution exclusive for the accounting department, with detailed views regarding all the company expenses, from vendor bills, to customer invoices, to bank statements, and more.
3. The Asset Management to track purchase and disposition of assets, plan and track scheduled and preventive maintenance activities, and monitor asset costs and depreciation.
4. Sales and Purchase: to upgrade the sales processes.
5. CRM system to import and manage contacts, keep track of all interactions.
6. Skipcash Mobile Integration