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University of Khartoum

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University of Khartoum
Al-Gamaa Street
P.O.Box 321

The roots of the University of Khartoum (U of K) go back to 1898 when Lord Kitchener of Khartoum

proposed founding a college in memory of General Gordon. Funds for the proposed college were

raised by private subscription, and the plans for the building were drawn by the Khedive's architect,

Fabricus Pasha.

The new college, named the Gordon Memorial College, was officially opened in 1902. The present

University of Khartoum is the result of the natural transformation of the Gordon Memorial College

when the country became independent in 1956. The bill giving full University status to the College was

passed by Parliament on 24th July 1956, since then, the University witnessed considerable expansion.

The University consisting of 23 Faculty and 12 Research Centers and 12 Institutes.