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Telsa Group

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Telsa Group
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Telsa Group:

Founded in 2015 and established in Lebanon, Telsa Group Company began working on telecom satellite projects until the group expanded into 6 companies across several continents.

Our Focus: 

Telsa Group focuses on moving forward with every element in mind: technology, communications, customized solutions, rebuilding, and all that a sector or nation may need support with. When it comes to IT and solutions, our team is fully equipped to integrate Odoo with the client in mind and expand beyond their horizon. 

Telsa Group Products & Service: 

  • Telsa Telecom (MENA Region)

  • Waves LLC: Internet Service Provide 

  • Telsa Apps (Odoo Partner): 

  • Full-fledged programming solutions for software 

  • Apps/Mobile Apps Innovation and Programming

  • Development Solutions

  • Business Intelligence Solutions

  • ERP Solutions for local or Odoo integrated ERP

  • Customized Software Programming

  • E-Government programming project. Starting from scratch, it is one of the most important and ample projects to date which works moving forward in the ERP realm in accordance with the government. 

  • Telsa Rebuild 

  • Telsa Solutions

  • Top Projects Company (Global)

Our Aim: 

We are keen on customer satisfaction and ensuring that we move forward as a group and as partners with any client.