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Sprint IT

Gold Partner

Atomitie 5 B
    00370 Helsinki
+358 50 5378602

SprintIT develops the customers' competitive and growth potential through the availability and processing of information. SprintIT is a combination of agility, business intelligence and recognized professionalism. We are renowned for the clever developers and the desire to tailor a solution that works for you. SprintIT wants to change the entire software market with agile open source applications. Today, SprintIT employs more than 30 experts and has a turnover of over 2 million euros.

SprintIT kehittää asiakkaiden kilpailu- ja kasvukykyä tiedon saatavuuden ja -käsittelyn avulla. SprintIT on yhdistelmä ketteryyttä, bisnes-ymmärrystä ja tunnustettua ammattitaitoa. Me olemme tunnettuja taitavista kehittäjistä sekä halusta räätälöidä juuri sinulle toimiva ratkaisu. SprintIT haluaa muuttaa koko ohjelmistomarkkinaa ketterien avoimen lähdekoodin sovellusten avulla. Tänään SprintIT:llä työskentelee yli 30 kokenutta asiantuntijaa sen liikevaihdon noustessa yli kahteen miljoonaan euroon. www.sprintit.fi


JMJping Oy
JMJ is a Full Service ICT House. JMJ provides ICT services to private companies and the public sector, and has over 350 clients that are happy with their all-round ICT services. www.jmj.fi
Ket-Met Oy - Tuomas Kalanen, Tuomas Kalanen
Agens is a digital law service where one can fill, subscribe and pay for the contracts needed online. The legal expertise that are combined with the digital system guarantees excellent value for money. www.agens.fi
Master Promo Suomi Oy
Master Promo Finland Plc.iis a promotion company that offers the possibility to solve all promotion needs through an omnichannel solution. The company operates in three cities, Turku, Tampere and Helsinki in Finland. The company provides solutions include event and store marketing materials guaranteed to draw attention.
Minorito Oy
Minorito is a contract manufacturer for food and health supplement. Their focus is on safety and quality. Minorito translates a production need to a product concept including packaging. www.minorito.fi
Supermood Ltd.
Supermood is a new holistic beauty brand. In addition to natural cosmetics, there are lines of products containing therapeutic beauty products. The brand has been created by Anne Kukkohovi, a beauty expert, model and TV Host. www.supermood.fi
Tuomas Huokuna
Ket-Met has focused on solving the demanding manufacturing needs of its customers and bringing added value through its manufacturing expertise to the production and product development of its customers. Our machinery and manufacturing methods are modern, and we have the ability to combine new ideas with manufacturing and product development. www.ket-met.fi