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Saudi Arabia
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SFITG is ONE STOP SHOP for Odoo based solutions.

An IT Company that cares for the success and growth of your business. We offer cutting edge Odoo solutions to the businesses with an accurate and timely approach.

Apart from providing services over Odoo, SFITG is an active member of the Odoo community and has contributed many open source modules to the Odoo core such as:

               Transportation and logistics management

               Customs clearance and freight forwarding

               Customer relationship management (CRM)  integrated with Skype

               Hospital management

•               Human Resources management system

               Industrial maintenance management

•               Fleet, Taxi and Car rental management

               School management

•               Restaurant & Supermarket management

               Debt collection management

               Insurance & re-insurance management

Jeddah  - Dammam - Riyadh

+966 55 361 1503  



AlSalman Optics
في مطلع عام ١٩٧١ كانت البداية لنظارات السلمان على يد الشيخ محمد حمد محمد السلمان رحمة الله وقد كانت بأفتتاح معرض على شارع الإمام تركي بن عبدالله بن محمد في الشميسي الجديد مقابل سوق سويقه حالياً ومنذ البداية حرصت نظارات السلمان بتوفير أفضل الماركات العالمية من النظارات الطبية والشمسية والعدسات الطبية واللاصقة ذات الجودة العالية لعملائها. ثم توالت النجاحات بفضل من الله حتى أصبحت نظارات السلمان من أول الوجهات للمستهلك لعالم البصريات في الرياض. وتفتخر نظارات السلمان بخدمتكم لأكثر من ٤٥ عاماً في ١٥ فرعاً،

Albassami International Business Group Company
Founded in 1968, it was one of the pioneers of professional vehicle transport services in the region. As the Middle East progressed, Al Bassami Transport responded to the growing demand for vehicle transport and has since grown its business substantially to become the leader in vehicle transport that it is today.

It offers a variety of services that include:

All kinds of vehicle transportation services, for the local, regional and international markets
Logistical services, such as transportation of goods and supplies
Special transportation services for VIP customers
Its massive fleet of fully-insured vehicles and parcels transportation cover the entire territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as countries in the Gulf region.

Al Bassami Transport has the capability and experience to address any transportation and logistics requirement from across the GCC.
Contemporary Food Saudi Arabia
Contemporary Foods, a factory first of its kind in KSA established in the second industrial city of Jeddah in 2018. Contemporary Foods Factory focuses on developing high-quality innovative food products that are in line with current trends and demands. The first product line of Contemporary Foods is Sabeeka, an energy bar made from high-quality dates and nuts.

Gulf Central Company Ltd
History of Gulf Central Company dates back to 1991 formerly known as MAN (Mohammed Al Nojaidi Trading Est./Seashell trading) was established to undertake trading and distribution of speciality food products to satisfy local and national demand of customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. MAN changed its corporate name to its current title Gulf Central in 1998. Since then, Gulf Central Company has achieved an aggressive growth and emerged to the forefront of equivalent companies in the current age through its identified strategies and targets based on the principle of achieving customer satisfaction through reliability and unmatchable quality of service.”
Nawara Transport & Freight Co.
Nawara Transportation and Freight is one of the fastest-growing transport and logistics service providers in KSA and surrounding GCC region with operations employing over 100 people.

Every day our team delivers food, bulk haulage and high value-added and complex products across KSA, GCC and the surrounding region, and across the world.

NTF’s systems and procedures that support our highly experienced and well-trained team members make NTF an effective transport and logistics, and supply chain solutions provider.

Our capabilities contribute towards our customers’ respective sustainable competitive advantage, and market and business performance success.

شركة متخصصة في استخراج وصناعة العود النقي من الدرجة الأولى والذي يُستخرج بشكل مستمر من غابات جزر إندونيسيا الجميلة.

تمتد رائحة العود الطبيعي الخالص إلى آلاف السنين، من الحضارات والثقافات والمجتمعات المختلفة مع الإحساس بالتاريخ والذكريات الأصيلة التي تثيرها هذه الرائحة الغامضة.

هي رائحة تنبع من اشتعال واحدة من أكثر المواد الخام النفيسة ذات القيمة المعروفة للإنسان. إنها كنز غالبًا ما يُقدّر ويُثمّن بأسعار أعلى من الذهب.

منذُ ما يقارب القرن من الزمن، وعائلة الدليمي تسعى إلى جلب هذا الكنز إلى العالم العربي. واليوم، فإن ثمار تلك المجهودات، شركة البخور الذكي، تطمح إلى أكثر من ذلك وهو أن تمتد إلى كافة أنحاء العالم.
logistics vision
Logistic Vision Company has started as Logistic Vision Est. on 01/01/2017 as Logisticorganization working in field of Customs clearance and Transportation based on more than thirty years of experiences of owners and managers in Logistics field. Then the Establishment was transferred to Company of Logistics services, registered in the Saudi Ministry of Commerce. The company has obtained many huge contracts with Petro Rabigh and the National Petrochemical Company (NATPET) in field of exporting petrochemical Products. It has been adding new Clients of huge companies and factories, and recruiting the best-experienced and qualified employees. The owners manage and supervise the full details of business. The company has added developed Automatic Follow up System that observes all details of business. The customer can Log in to this system through the given terminal, follow up shipment status, print report of movements, and provide its notes and orders through this website.