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Semak Business Intelligence


Semak Business Intelligence
Building 64, El-Tahrir Street
9th Floor, Dokki
+20 127 890 7721

Semak Business intelligence is specialized Partner for ERP, Mobile App and CRM it is a fast-growing IT Consulting and Professional Services with international reach. One of the highest levels of personal and creative strategic planning and service to clientele to explore, understand and work in tandem with experts in this burgeoning IT field.


Semak Business intelligence proposes to provide high quality Enterprise Solutions and support to clients. Our range of proposed niche services includes ERP, Mobile App and CRM Implementations, Upgrades & Migrations, Enhancements, System Health Checks and Training both on premise and Cloud.   We offer specialized cloud services and resources to enable customers to take their business further by automating processes across the enterprises with simplified methodologies. 


Beauty Lab
Beauty Lab
The beauty lab Company produces and distributes Fixed oils, essential oils, natural compounds and solvent extracts

At beauty lab we are providing authentic purists with the finest quality essential oils and aromatherapy products that are 100% natural, therapeutic-grade, and botanical.

Here, you can find oils of extraordinary quality using the cold press process.

All of our essential oils are 100 percent pure, free of carrier oils, alcohol, and other synthetic ingredients, and they have the authentic and wonderful scent of their natural source.

we keep growing our manufacturing space to accommodate the rising demand for wholesale pure natural oils.
Biostream Egypt
Biostream Egypt
Biostream is cosmeceutical company started in Egypt since 2016 with objective to cover the gap between the high price of global brand and low quality of local brands, innovative is our seek and product add value is a condition for invest. we started with kolagra skin serum which is the market leader in Vitamin C market in Egypt within 3 years in unique success story.
Brand For Pharmaceutical Industries
Brand For Pharmaceutical Industries
Brand presented a group of products that are concerned with the health of hair and skin, extracted from the finest and best natural oils. Brand was able to provide a unique combination of natural oils that preserve the freshness of hair and skin without adding any harmful chemicals such as sodium sulfite, silicon and parabens Scientific studies have proven extremely harmful to children and adults alike, to occupy the forefront of companies in the Arab world
Brand was able, through its experts in the Research, Development and Quality Department, to provide alternative and healthy solutions for the whole family through our unique formula in the form of a group of penduline products, where each product contains a mixture of natural materials to achieve our distinctive safer logo from day one.
Eagles International  Co.
Eagles International Co.
Eagles International co. is one of the biggest companies in marketing, Distributing, Importing and exporting high quality, medical, Nutritional and row materials in the region of Arab republic of Egypt
Eagles International has been established in 2000
Company Address: 37 mohamed fahmy Elmohdar st – Nasr city- Cairo – Egypt
Email Address: info@eaglesegy.com
Phone Number : 01050847336
2002 – 2014 :
Eagles International Supply MOH Demends of ACUFIRM Surgical
sutures to MOH Hospitals & Institution through…
2014-2015 :
Eagles International
Introducing venoderm & other skin concept Brands
to Egypt Private Market
2015-UTD :
Eagles International
Introducing SWISSLAC Premium Brand to Egypt
Private & Governmental Market
Global Trade
Global Trade
Established in 2016, Global trade is an Egyptian sole proprietorship company working as an agency for number of the largest Egyptian corporates covering several industries such as cosmetics & wholesale food trade.

Our customers portfolio includes : Unilever , Ulker , Brand pharmaceutical industries & Al Mofadal for trading agricultural grains/legumes/spices
Heart Care Medical
Heart Care Medical
- Heart Care Medical Is a Market leader in the field of medical device distribution for the area of Cardiovascular, Vascular, and critical care medicine.
Infinity Corp
Infinity Corp
The company some service to client such as Branding , Out Door ,Digital Marketing ,Packaging ,Event Coordination ,Web Development ,Printing ,Media ,Give Away and Graphic Design.
Majestic Bio-Pharma
Majestic Bio-Pharma

Majestic is a global company renowned for its visionary ideas and cutting-edge developments in the
medical field. It started in Egypt and swiftly expanded its operations to the United Kingdom and the
United States. Its innovative and high-quality solutions allow the company to evolve and meet its
customers’ needs uniquely. Given its in-depth expertise and extensive knowledge in the medical area, the
company forged the principles of creating and supplying premium products based on the
compliance and alignment of FDA and WHO standards. Thus, fulfilling the market needs
effectively .Its core strategy is rooted in its constant optimization of individual healthcare and the society at
large. That is, to protect, maintain, and improve the health of the community.
Pharma Logistic Company
Pharma Logistic Company
Pharma Logistic as one of the top companies in the logistics field, we won the trust and long-term
contracts of enormous projects.
From the beginning of its establishment believed that thorough quality assurance policies and
distinguishable performance rates are the golden pillars of success. Thus, it has always been important
to have a keen eye for details to make a hit out of every step we take. Our commitment to quality
standards is obvious in our ability to achieve the highest Loading / discharging rates in Egypt.
Pharma Logistic provides clients with fully integrated, one-stop logistical services, from loading cargo
from plants and warehouses onto vessels and delivery trucks, to handling related Customs Clearance
and administrative documents - Pharma Logistic oversees the project's whole lifecycle.
Semak Medical Industries
Semak Medical Industries
Importing, exporting, commercial agencies, general supplies, general trade and distribution in everything that
is legally permissible, in particular: -
Human medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and medical supplies
Advertising by all audio, print and visual media
Tag Leaders
Tag Leaders
Tag Leaders Logistec as one of the best companies in the field of logistics services, we win trust and in the long run

Mega project contracts.

Since the beginning of its foundation believes that the policies of total quality assurance and
Outstanding performance rates are the golden pillars of success. Thus, it has always been important

To be detail oriented to great success in every step we take. Our commitment to quality

The standards are evident in our ability to achieve the highest loading/unloading rates in Egypt.

Tag Leaders Logistec provides its customers with integrated and comprehensive logistics services from loading goods

From factories and warehouses to ships and delivery trucks, to handling related customs clearance

Management documents - Tag Leaders Logistec oversees the entire project life cycle.
The address
The address
We, at the Address Developments are dedicated to sustaining unsurpassed integrated communities focusing on the details that matter. We understand that in order to further thrive as an association and exceed what is expected from our clients, we ensure that the communities we develop get flourished. Thus, we are devoted to using sustainable building materials that respect the environment for our future generations. We have chosen value as the first long term commitment to our clients, and investors to provide mixed-use communities and be part of the economic growth of the uprising Egyptian Real Estate Market.