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JT Moniker Systems Ltd

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JT Moniker Systems Ltd
Surrey, BC V4A3L3
+1 604.245.3501

 Located in Vancouver BC, we are IT professionals and business analysts with real-world business experience who believe that Odoo offers the best possible value in an ERP system for your small to medium sized Canadian company.

Compared to its competitors, Odoo ERP shines in three primary ways: functional scope, affordability and scalability. These benefits come from the modular framework upon which Odoo is built, packaging each business function into separate (but integrated) applications. Essentially, this allows businesses of all sizes to use (and pay for) only what they need while still providing the ability to scale at the click of a button.

Odoo's affordability, scalability and wide-ranging functionality makes it a perfect solution for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs). In Canada, SMEs make up over 99% of the business landscape and employee over 70% of our national workforce. At JT Moniker, our goal is to leverage Odoo's revolutionary technology to help business' in this important sector optimize operational efficiency and promote clarity of their business data - two factors which we believe to be key drivers of growth. 

As Odoo experts, we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Implementation - When you're ready to connect your business with Odoo, we'll make it happen for you.

    • Analysis & Prototyping

    • Customization

    • Data Migration

    • Hosting Solutions

    • Deployment

    • Training & Ongoing Support

  • Custom Development - No matter what features your business needs, our development team can make it happen for you.

    • Alterations

    • Vertical Applications

    • Horizontal Applications

    • API integrations

    • Custom Reports

    • Website Themes

  • Consulting - Our consulting team will work with you to solve problems, train staff and get the most out of Odoo.

  • Functional Support - On-demand support from a functional expert to help you work through problems as they arise.

At JT Moniker, you don't just get a service-provider, you get a lifelong business partner. Reach out and connect@jtmoniker.com.


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