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Bista Solutions Inc.
Bista Solutions Inc. Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Bista Solution, Inc. is a digital transformation company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Bista Solutions has been an Odoo partner since 2010 and has offices in California, Dallas, Toronto, Atlanta, India . Currently Bista is one of the earliest , the largest and most awarded Odoo partner.
Bista is proud to have been awarded:
· Best Odoo Partner North America - 2022
· Best Odoo Partner North America - 2021
· Best Odoo Partner North America - 2018
· Best Odoo Partner North America ...
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Open Source Integrators
Open Source Integrators Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
As the first Odoo Gold partner in North America, Open Source Integrators (OSI) is the premier choice for custom, fully-integrated Odoo solutions. we have been named:

Odoo Partner of the Year for North America (2013-2019-2020)
Top 20 Most Promising ERP and Field Service Management Solution Providers (both in 2021)

We have customized ERP solutions for: Manufacturing, Construction/Utilities, Aerospace, FSM, DTC, and engineering.

Choose a partner with a proven track record of success – choose OSI ...
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Captivea USA
Captivea USA Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Captivea is the leader of Odoo Integration WorldWide.
All of Our Consultants are Odoo certified and located in USA, we are located in either our West or East Coast offices.
Captivea has deployed CRM and ERP software for over 15 years with more than 300 current clients globally with offices in North America and Europe. We support organizations from 10 to 5000 employees across various industries. We have created our own deployment methodology based on the agile method.
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Novobi Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
● Retail, Manufacturing, and Service Industries
● Aerospace & Defense, Medical Device Industries, and Government Contracting
● US Accounting and Payroll
● Large-Scale Projects
● HIPAA, ITAR, DCAA, 21 CFR/ISO 13845, AS 9100/9110/9120, ISO 9001

We are architects of ambitious growth. By combining our mastery of Odoo, Cloud Architecture, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and deep understanding of business intricacies, we create tailor-fit solutions that help our clie ...
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Brainvire Infotech Inc.
Brainvire Infotech Inc. Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Brainvire InfoTech Inc. is a global IT leader with a global presence since 2000. Its global headquarters is situated in Utah, USA, with branches in India, Canada, Middle East, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. As an Odoo Partner, it has successfully completed Odoo implementations for industry verticals like retail, diamond, real estate, logistics, manufacturing, and more. With a strong workforce of over 500 in-house developers, flawless rapid deployment of projects has remained Brainvire’s ...
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QOC Innovations
QOC Innovations Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
QOC Innovations is an Odoo award-winning partner that serves clients across the USA.
From start-ups to multi-state operations, we’ve customized ERP solutions for:
Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distribution, Retail, Cannabis, and Promotional product companies.

- 100% implementation success rate
- 40-60% average savings over legacy system providers
- Executed largest Odoo implementation in USA
- Inventor of the NodeTM – Odoo’s only smart automation device
- 100+ years manufacturing industry experi ...
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Captivea USA - West coast
Captivea USA - West coast Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Captivea is the first partner to be Odoo Gold Partner in USA and Europe.

Our consultants are Odoo certified and located in the USA Est and West.

Captivea has deployed CRM and ERP software for over 13 years with more than 200 clients globally with offices in North America and Europe. We support organizations from 10 to 5000 employees across various industries. We have created our own deployment methodology based on the agile method.

Captivea is the Odoo best starter Americas in 2019 !


Silverdale Technology LLC
Silverdale Technology LLC Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
ERP implementations have a bad reputation. Most of it deserved. With 50-75% of ERP projects failing to meet their objectives, instances of cost over-runs, missing deadlines, and compromised functionality are all too common.
This drives organizations to be rightly cautious about embarking on ERP projects, even when the need for an ERP or an upgrade, is blatantly obvious and critical to the organization's success, growth, or survival.
Find out why we're different...
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Talus ERP
Talus ERP Certified v14
Talus ERP is your full-service Odoo partner, specializing in implementation and support for small to medium-sized businesses. Our team provides over sixty years of combined experience in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, production, distribution, wholesale, service, sales, finance, accounting, government, construction, healthcare, and process improvement. With Odoo ERP, we customize the solution to optimize your business process.
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OBS Solutions
OBS Solutions Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Awarded with the Odoo Best Partner Award and being Odoo Gold Partner in various countries, we are the ideal partner for complex multinational Odoo implementation projects.
We are one of the most successful international Odoo Gold Partners. Through our close collaboration with the parent company Odoo S.A., we have exclusive access to the Odoo expert developers and specialists that have created the Odoo core system. Benefit from our experience in handling more than 1500 successful Odoo projects f ...
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OYBI Certified v14 Certified v15
OYBI (pronounced oi-bee)
Optimize Your Business Intelligence

OYBI is an expert in Manufacturing and Professional Services. We offer ERP implementation, optimization, and consulting. OYBI was started as a manufacturing consulting firm working primarily with Odoo, Global Shop Solutions, other platforms including ECI, Epicor, Job Boss, E2 and others. This makes us the premier partner for manufacturing implementation, integration, customization, and optimization.
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S4 Solutions, LLC
S4 Solutions, LLC Certified v13 Certified v14
S4 Solutions, LLC brings years of experience in customizing and deploying manufacturing business systems to bear on your Odoo implementation. Our U.S.-based team of ERP consultants specializes in Aerospace, Automotive and microelectronics production operations. We work with both small start-ups and fortune 500 companies and cater our services to meet you where your business is with an eye to helping your technology and processes grow as you do. ...
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A Perfect Solution – O2b Technologies
A Perfect Solution – O2b Technologies Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
​O2B Technologies excels in delivering a comprehensive array of services for Odoo,
encompassing Odoo Implementation, seamless migration, unlimited bug fixing, tailored
customization, expert guidance, dedicated developer assistance, Training, module
development, performance optimization, on-demand issue resolution, portal access,
Gap analysis, theme customization, and ongoing Support and maintenance. Our
Support Package presents a diverse selection of enticing offers to fulfill your business
need ...
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ERPGAP / PROMPTEQUATION Certified v14 Certified v16
✅ Trusted partner for open source technologies, ERP and headless eCommerce since 2015.

We've been heavily involved in the open source community, delivering exceptional projects around the world and offer a proven track record of successful Odoo implementations.

Our experienced team specialises in implementations for accounting, manufacturing, biotech, logistics and B2B and B2C e-commerce industries. Join us in unlocking the true potential of your business.
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Reach Concept
Reach Concept Certified v16
Reach Concept Business Solutions is a CRM and ERP software provider based in Chantilly, Virginia, with over 100 users and growing. Our demonstrated expertise lies in deploying the full suite of integrated Odoo software options, including but not limited to CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, and Marketing applications. Reach Concept also provides website development and maintenance services, as well as other customized IT solutions outside the standard Odoo suite, to meet each client’s unique busine ...
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Comstar USA
Comstar USA Certified v13 Certified v16
In business since 1996, Comstar has extensive experience of delivering Software and Networking Solutions worldwide. With a presence in USA, Canada and Asia we are uniquely positioned to provide high value solutions and exceptional customer service and support.
Our differentiator is our ability to understand and listen to customers.
We have built mobile off-line to augment Odoo CRM, Sales & Field Service.
Our passionate experts create innovative solutions for clients.
We are experts in ERP, M ...
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Goodman Technology Management
Goodman Technology Management Certified v15 Certified v16
Goodman Technology Management has over 30 years experience delivering results on time and within your budget!

Let Goodman Technology Management supercharge your business with intuitively applied technology solutions. Via a thoughtful, consultative approach we achieve long term success by considering security, compliance and your growth plan while mitigating potential risks.

Our Odoo suite of services includes: Integrations with 3rd party systems, Custom Odoo modules, Odoo end-user support, ...
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Sodexis, Inc.
Sodexis, Inc. Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
As an Odoo Partner since 2012, Sodexis helps manufacturing and distribution companies across the U.S. improve their efficiency by implementing the Odoo ERP solution with the highest return on investment possible.
Our aim is to help you improve your business performance by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to fit your company's needs.
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Confianz Global Inc
Confianz Global Inc Certified v15
Confianz Global, Inc is a Software Solutions provider headquartered in Charlotte, NC, United States. Confianz has undergone exponential growth in a mere period of 10 years. Being a global enterprise established strongly in The USA and India, Confianz provides quality software service to clients in almost 10 countries around the world. We are an interactive, reliable company, which thrives on the satisfaction we provide our customers.
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GFP Solutions
GFP Solutions Certified v13
GFP Solutions is a full-service, one-stop shop for all of your Odoo implementation needs. Founded and run by a former Odoo employee, it is difficult to find a company with such extensive knowledge on how to best use Odoo to maximize your company’s growth potential.

Our success is built on yours – and we love what we do:
- 98% client satisfaction rate (67 customer ratings)
- 83% go live within 6 months (Industry standard: 6-24 months)
- 100% retention rate (SMB Industry Standard: ~70%) ...
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Steersman Company
Steersman Company Certified v14 Certified v15
Steersman specializes in Odoo for manufacturers, distributors & retailers looking for enterprise-level e-commerce.

We provide advanced ecommerce, PIM, manufacturing, CPQ, and other modules for Odoo. Steersman’s primary solutions are for automotive parts manufacturers and distributors, make-to-order manufacturers of highly configurable products, and sellers of technical products with retail, online and phone channels.

Steersman services the NA market and our entire staff is based in the USA. We ...
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Systems Services, Inc.
Systems Services, Inc. Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
ERP provider founded in 1979, Systems Services continues to be focused on solutions to your particular business needs. SSI has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. We are experts in ERP Software, Point of Sale Software, Development, and Implementation. With our help, your business will save time, reduce costs, and automate your workflow. Our team of professionals will work with you from minor improvements in process to complete Business Process Re-engineering. Systems Services team ...
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Eska Business Solutions Inc.
Eska Business Solutions Inc. Certified v16
ESKA Business Solutions Inc, is a local digital transformation company located in California. With high quality development, eCommerce website design, and support services on offer, we are committed to providing personalized solutions that fit the specific needs of our customers.
Buoyed by our experience and expertise, we pride ourselves at being an agile local USA developer with unrivaled 24/7 support.
Specializing in
- Shopify
- Quickbooks
- WooCommerce
- ShipStation
- Manufacturing ...
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Konsultoo Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15
Konsultoo is an unique Odoo Partner with a great combination of Odoo Experience, USA Culture and competitive pricing. We have experienced Odoo consultants and Odoo developers. We are also Odoo certified. We are working from India in order to provide you the best price and our team is working based on EST time zone to be accessible and reactive for our customer.
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Hibou Corp.
Hibou Corp. Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15
Hibou is a business solutions company with one goal in mind: To help your business run better.

Because no two companies are alike, we'll work with you to analyze your goals, streamline your operations and customize the perfect Odoo implementation for your business. And we'll do it with style, sprinkling a bit of happiness into your everyday tasks.

With a solid background in development, server management, project management, marketing and eCommerce, Hibou is ready to deliver awesomeness to ...
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Cudio Inc.
Cudio Inc. Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Born out of necessity, Cudio was founded by experienced business owners who recognized the need for blue-chip transformation experience in the Odoo consulting world. We’re not just consultants. We have transformed our own complex multi-national, omnichannel businesses using Odoo, so are acutely aware of the transformational power of Odoo both as business owners, that have an obligation to their customers and staff, and consultants who help companies migrate to Odoo.

We focus on manufacturing ...
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Bluebird Cloud Consulting
Bluebird Cloud Consulting Certified v13 Certified v14
Full service cloud consulting firm specializing in migration from Quickbooks or NetSuite to Odoo.
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Aktiv Software Inc
Aktiv Software Inc Certified v14
ERP and eCommerce Consulting and Development Specialists; Trusted Digital Business Solution Providers
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Enterprise Space, Inc.
Enterprise Space, Inc.
Enterprise Space, Inc. is the only Odoo partner that exclusively focuses on ERP implementations the Theory of Constraints (TOC) way. The late Dr. Eli Goldratt, the famous writer of The Goal, developed the basic insights and rules of the pragmatic approach, that we realise with custom apps: Throughput Accounting, DBR/sDBR, Planned Load Control, Dynamic Buffer Management, etc.
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Traction Consulting Group
Traction Consulting Group Certified v15
At Traction, we help sales teams "sell more" and operations teams reach greater efficiency through standardized processes, automated workflows, business intelligence and metrics, and end-to-end training and support for your business systems.

Our unique user-first approach helps us achieve greater system adoption through simplification of systems, and by leveraging automation as much as possible. With over 20 years experience and a near-5-star rating according to Clutch.co, Traction can h ...
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WIB Technologies Inc.
WIB Technologies Inc. Certified v13 Certified v14
WIB Technologies is your Full Service Odoo Partner. We are a US-based Odoo partner with focus on business operation improvement and ERP best-practice implementations. We offer onsite and remote implementation services including functional and technical consulting, custom development and engineering services. We have implemented solutions for a wide variety of businesses, please see our references for more information or call us at 817-946-0013
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Silent Infotech Inc.
Silent Infotech Inc. Certified v14 Certified v15 Certified v16
Our unique skills of “Micro Process Automation” within the Odoo workflows makes Odoo a super productive tool for your business.
Combination of “Odoo, RFID and IoT” makes Silent Infotech(SIT) unique across the Odoo community. SIT has a unique way of business process engineering for any business regardless of the complexity. Silent Infotech have invented a special method to set up Odoo in a scalable way in order to last it for decades.
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MMY Automotive Business System
MMY Automotive Business System
Providing Automotive Industry Specific Functionality and Implementation Services

Our OUT OF THE BOX Classic Automotive Parts Manufacturing & Distribution Industry solutions are configured and preloaded with the core system elements needed for an effective business system:
Make - Model - Year
Automotive Product Categories
Integrated Fitment Data
Industry Naming & Nomenclature
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Rooteam is a software development company with a strong passion for customer satisfaction and quality code. Our ideals run deep, from the products we use and the standards we keep. We are committed to open source software and radical transparency.
Helping companies disrupt their markets and lead in technological innovation is our specialty.
Our key services include.
Process Automation.
Logistics Automation
Web / Mobile app development.
Data analytics.
Cloud Computing / ...
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AdaLogic LLC
AdaLogic LLC Certified v16
AdaLogic is an Odoo Professional Services company with offices in San Francisco, CA. The AdaLogic team has over 10 years of experience configuring and developing in the Odoo platform.
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Red Lab Media
Red Lab Media
Located in Pittsburgh, PA USA, Red Lab Media specializes in web design and development, web hosting, inbound marketing, ERp business application implementation, and custom web application development for businesses and community organizations in a wide range of markets.
Applications We Support
- Odoo- Ready Partner
- WordPress
- Joomla
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Ciranta IT Services Inc
Ciranta IT Services Inc Certified v15
ERP solutions from Ciranta IT Services help transform your business and streamline the processes. We help you successfully face the challenges that you face in today’s competitive world by empowering you to get the right information at the right time. At Ciranta, we design ERP solutions even for the most complex business requirements and provide an efficiently functioning Web and mobile application to manage your business processes. We help you streamline your business process with consistent a ...
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Core Integrated
Core Integrated
Your complete business partner on all online marketing, direct mail, signage, and print. Your business or event has specific goals and requirements. Core Integrated Marketing finds the best fitting marketing channel, providing the best campaign results possible.
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Nimetrix, Inc
Nimetrix, Inc Certified v15 Certified v16
Solution for Your SMEs
Whether you are an entrepreneur or starting a new business, Nimetrix will help you to digitize your company.
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