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Začiatkom roka 2017 sa IMPLEMENTO stalo historicky prvým Odoo partnerom pre Slovenskú republiku. Od vtedy sme úspešne implementovali do viac ako 60+ firiem na Slovensku, Českej republike, Maďarsku, Nemecku a Luxembrusku.

Tvoríme tiež vlastné moduly a rozšírenia systému Odoo, ktoré používa tamker tisícka firiem po celom svete. Naše kancelárie nájdete v Bratislave a Prahe.

Prečo si nás vybrať ako Odoo partnera pre implementáciu?

  • Sme prvým a jediným Odoo Silver partnerom pre Slovenskú republiku. Svetovo patríme k 20% najskúsenejším Odoo partnerom

  • Máme za sebou viac ako 60+ komplexných implementácií Odoo. Radi vás prepojíme s ktoroukoľvek referenciou

  • Vytvorili sme množstvo konektorov a integráci s Odoo na rozšírené systémy používané na Slovensku (Finstat, Pohoda, Tatrabanka, Money S3, Heureka...)

  • Vytvorili sme jazykové a účtovné lokalizácie pre Slovenskú republiku (Fakturácia, konektory na slovenskú účtovné systémy)

  • Máme tím certifikovaných špecialistov, biznis konzultantov, analytikov, systémových architektov, developerov a projektových manažérov

Naše služby:

Venujeme sa iba implementácii systému Odoo a súvisiacich služieb (Hosting serverov a údržba, biznis konzulting, marketing konzulting, údržba e-mail serverov)

Zastrešíme celý proces od A-Z:

  • Analýza vašich procesov a návrh najvhodnejšieho riešenia

  • Návrh riešenie a flowu v systéme Odoo

  • Nakonfigurovanie systému Odoo

  • Programovanie vlastných modulov a rozšírení

  • Migrácia a import dát

  • Funkčná a technická podpora

Máme skúseností s implementáciou Odoo v rôznych odvetviach:

  • Výrobné spoločnosti

  • Poskytovatelia služieb

  • Eshopy

  • Potravinárske odvetvie

  • IT spoločnosti

  • Maloobchod a veľkoobchod

  • Agentúry

IMPLEMENTO v číslach:

Vybraní klienti kde sme implementovali systém Odoo:



Web: www.implemento.sk 

Email: support@implemento.sk

Tel.: +421 940 539 125


Aeh, Spol. S R.O.
Aeh, Spol. S R.O.
AEH spol. Ltd. has been operating on the Slovak market since 1992. Within its activities, it is focused on the development and production of equipment for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company has its own development and design department and intensively cooperates with the Food Research Institute.

Thanks to implemented modules and new product structure, we helped AEH company to increase effectiveness with creating quotations, production management, warehouse management and purchasing goods.

Implemented modules: Purchase, Sales, Invoicing, Inventory, Manufacturing, CRM, Documents
CERA MEL s. r. o.
CERA MEL s. r. o.
Family beekeeping with more than 30 years history of production of beeswax candles, honey and honey treats, honey cosmetics and many other bee products.
They sell their products through eShop and grocery stores.
Their honeys won the Gastro Oscar in London and their pine and acacia honey was awarded a gold star in the Great Taste Award worldwide.

IMPLEMENTO helped Cera Mel honey manufacturer with warehouse management, production management and with purchasing. We automated communication between individual departments and minimized the amount of manual administrative work.

Cera Mel gained a greater overview of what he sells and how much they actually sell. This overview helped Cera Mel with effective production planning and increased sales.

Implemented modules: Manufacturing, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Invoicing
Coller Klima has been transformed from a small company into one of the leading Daikin distributors. Behind her success is unique approach to customers, quality and precise work.

Coller Klima company fought against almost non existent overview over their sale orders and administration. Absence of a singular invoicing system caused the company to lose money.

By implementing invoicing system, in which they were able to easily generate and keep track of their orders, we accelerated their sales process and helped Coller Klima to grow and compete on the market in their sector.

Implemented modules: Invoicing, CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory
DANUM s.r.o.
DANUM s.r.o.
Danum, a company with over a decade worth of experience on the market with water filtering equipment, faced a problem with purchasing overview and pricelist management.

As the company needed to manage business in several international markets, thanks to our modular modifications, it can currently do so through a single system. We have simplified and accelerated the processing of orders from the e-shop, In order for the company to regain an overview of its financial health, we have implemented the Accounting module, which will also simplify reporting.

Implemented modules: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Barcodes, WEB, eCommerce
DITEC Commerce s.r.o.
DITEC Commerce s.r.o.
The company processed all sales orders from the eShop manually. By automating and gradually implementing suitable modules, we managed to shorten the business cycle of orders from 3-4 days to a few seconds.

We have been cooperating with Ditec for a years, and this continuous cooperation is proof that as the company grows, the information system itself is gradually improving.

Implemented modules: CRM, Sales, Accounting, Project, WEB, eCommerce, Promo codes, Email marketing, HR
We are the only Odoo Silver partner in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.
Implemento is fully focused on the implementation of the Odoo system. We believe that focusing on a single system is the only way to ensure maximum efficiency and expertise.

#1 Certifikovaný Odoo Silver partner pre Slovenskú republiku

IMPLEMENTO je certifikovaný Odoo Silver partner pre Slovenskú republiku. Sme dcérskou spoločnostou VISIBILITY s.r.o., jednej z TOP slovenských digital marketing agentúr.

Máme jazykovú a legislatívnu lokalizáciu pre Slovenskú republiku, desiatky úspešných prípadových štúdií a roky skúseností s implementáciami systému Odoo v malých a veľkých spoločnostiach v roznych odvetviach a krajinách.

Vybrané referencie
↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
IQ Group Slovensko, s.r.o.
IQ Group Slovensko, s.r.o.
IQ Group Solutions s.r.o. is an innovative company combining professionals with many years of experience. They are a company that is developing dynamically in the field of electrical installations and lighting supply. These activities are currently directed to the region of Czech republic and Slovakia, where they have long focused on customers who demand the highest quality. The range of products and services covers a complete portfolio of solutions from design, through delivery and installation to warranty and post-warranty service.
Mimera Europe s.r.o
Mimera Europe s.r.o
Mimera is an international, best value and super fast supplier for all beauty studios, cosmetic studios, pedicure, manicure, wellness, massage, barber and hair studios. They ship every product within 24 hours during business days.
The team at Mimera has set itself the goal of bringing customer satisfaction to a new level through constant quality and innovation.

Mimera has already used the Odoo system, but they were not satisfied with the support of the partner who implemented the Odoo system. We took over the project, we started with various training, consulting and program modifications. Satisfaction on the part of the client grew and with it the gradual expansion of the system and the implementation of new modules.

Modules: Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Magento eshop connector, Manufacturing, Expenses, Dashboard, Project, timesheets, HR, Leaves, Attendances
SENSONEO j. s. a.
SENSONEO j. s. a.
The Sensoneo solution for smart waste management was developed in 2014. Since then, this Slovakia-based (mid-European country & member of the EU) tech company has managed to make an incredible journey from highly demanding R&D, testing, and patenting processes to first installations, happy customers and global expansion.
The Sensoneo smart waste management solution is currently deployed in 137 locations on 5 different continents.

They won a lot of awards: IT project of the year in IT GALA 2016, Golden ANT 2016, Mission award 2017, Innovation of the year 2017, Microsoft Award in Smart city category and much more…

The long-term cooperation with Sensoneo is another example of how the Odoo system can be built from the ground up and implemented module by module. The company developing the smart waste management system grew very quickly and needed an information system that would grow with it.
We helped the company with data migration from old systems. Thanks to Odoo, Sensoneo can manage the company comprehensively, use centralized statistics, simplified reporting, business management and automatically generate invoices for subscribers.

Implemented modules: Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, CRM, Sales, Subscriptions, Help desk, Invoicing
Visibility, s.r.o.
Visibility, s.r.o.
Visibility belongs to Top SK online marketing agencies. They create long-term strategies for clients, they take care of their PPC, media campaigns and social networks.

For visibility, we implemented CRM for the sales department in the first step. Thanks to the ability to easily handle Leads, business opportunities and manage business teams. In the second phase, we implemented human resources (HR), attendance management, holidays, and time spent on projects. In the third phase, we deployed project management in which they manage all client projects.

Implemented modules: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Project, Timesheets. Email Marketing, Recruitment, Leaves, Dashboards