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Cloud Services are a set of relatively new technologies to provide IT resources and useful applications over Internet payments are usually calculated and paid monthly per user. Many useful applications can he provided over cloud platforms. Currently Homay Soft is offering CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software as a service over local cloud servers.

Some of the advantages of cloud services are as follows:

1. Quick and easy access to private data from anywhere in the world. It is important to mention that private data is securely stored in cloud servers and only the owner of data can access them.

2. Minimizing initial investment costs.

3. Minimizing monthly costs. By eliminating the need to maintain local servers and local IT staff, monthly costs can be significantly reduced.

4. Flexibility of available resources is another big advantage of cloud based services. In case of increased or decreased need of a customer, cloud resources can be quickly adapted accordingly.

Beyond the above mentioned advantage which are based on the of cloud services by default. Homay Soft is powered by leadership of experienced top management combined with fresh knowledge of its young experts aiming to provide international – level services and support. Some of the advantage of Homay Soft are as follows:

1. Using best local cloud servers with the fastest link access within Iran.

2. Using best international software and solutions.

3. In person support in Tehran and other bigcities.

4. 16 Hour phone support from 8am to midnight.