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OERP Canada
OERP Canada is a team of expert IT professionals, with decades of business application and open source experience.

Located in Toronto, we serve companies who want to stay on the cutting edge, all across Canada. In fact, our number one priority is helping Canadian small-to-medium sized businesses lower their costs, while maximizing their efficiency.

Visit us at www.oerp.ca and contact us at info@oerp.ca or phone 647-478-6811.
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Bista Solutions Canada
Bista Solutions Inc is recognized as the fastest growing company in USA by Inc 5000 and is also an ISO 9001: 2008 certified, HIPAA / PCI compliant, Technology Advisory Company which provides leading-edge Enterprise Business Solutions like ERP, CRM, Human Capital Management, Localized Payroll, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Cloud Solutions, Big Data and Data Analytics etc.
Blackware Technologies Inc.
Partenaire avec plusieurs entreprises technologiques à travers le monde, Blackware Technologies offre une solution complète pour accroître la performance et la productivité en entreprise. Nous créons des architectures technologiques "cloud" et personnalisées à chaque modèle d’affaires. Au fil des ans, nous avons développé une grande expertise dans le domaine manufacturier, mais nous avons également des clients dans tous les types de secteurs d’activité. Les solutions Blackware sont créées par et pour des entrepreneurs et c’est ce qui nous distingue des autres consultants TI.

Partners with several technology companies worldwide, Blackware Technologies offers a complete solution to increase business performance and productivity. We create cloud technological structures personalized to each business model. Over the years, we have developed a great expertise in manufacturing, but we also have customers in all types of industries. The Blackware solutions are created by and for entrepreneurs and that is what differentiates us from other IT consultants.