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Jil Insights
Jil Insights
JiL Insights is a Business Technology firm, specializing in ERPs, VOIP, NETWORKS, ONLINE MARKETING and CONSULTANCY. Our passion is to see businesses thrive in an ever dynamic economy by leveraging cost effective modern technology, in an Honest, Diligent and Excellent approach.
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Kola Technologies Ltd
Kola Technologies Ltd
Kola Technologies (KOLA) is a software services company that offers Business Processes Automation and Digitization solutions. We are now accredited by URA as EFRIS integrators for systems-to-system electronic invoicing.

We support and develop digital solutions that are used by businesses to manage their operations and to increase their service offering. We leverage our experience in the implementation of large software systems and expertise in the development and support of enterprise system ...
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Advance Insight Uganda
Advance Insight Uganda Certified v14 Certified v15
Advance Insight is an IT consultancy firm operating in Europe, West Africa and East Africa. The company is closely related to Advance Consulting, a business development
consultancy firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1999. Our North Star is to contribute to the development of vibrant, green and inclusive SMEs in the Agri-food and Renewable Energy sectors. We support clients in emerging markets with the technology required to transform their companies, with the goal of professi ...
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