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Sertek Systems has more than 13 years experience in providing a variety of IT and custom programming solutions such as ERP system implementations, websites, e-commerce, mobile applications and other custom business management tools.
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UAB Pralo is a Vilnius based company that provides IT services, IT solutions for manufacturers and application hosting. We have years of experience working with industry leading manufacturing companies. Our team of professional consultants and developers are familiar with the manufacturing processes and can offer qualified services. Odoo is one of our products, which can provide highly integrated solutions for different size companies.
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Focusate, UAB
Focusate, UAB is a privately owned strategic investment and service company that transforms production companies into Ever-flourishing organisations that grow exponentially, while maintaining stability at the same time. Organisational transformations are backed by Odoo ERP solution and custom applications designed upon TOC principles to provide faster and more reliable deliveries and higher throughput with a minimum of cost and investment.
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Versada UAB
Versada UAB - Jūsų Odoo partneris Lietuvoje.

Pradėjusi savo veiklą nuo kelių Odoo projektų 2010 metais, šiandien Versada yra stipri tarptautinė kompanija įsikūrusi Lietuvoje ir Vokietijoje.
Esame savo srities specialistai, nes:
- dirbame tik su Odoo verslo valdymo sprendimais;
- projektams ir kompanijai vadovauja tik patyrę programuotojai;
- esame įgyvendinę daugiau nei 100 projektų el. komercijos, gamybinėse bei paslaugų įmonėse visoje Europoje.
Sukaupta patirtis leidžia mums užtikrinti sklandžią komunikaciją ir efektyvią projektų eigą.

Esame pritaikę Odoo apskaitos ir POS modulius Lietuvai. Daugiau sužinoti apie šiuos sprendimus galite kreipdamiesi per mūsų tinklalapį - www.versada.lt
Atsakysime į visus Jūsų klausimus susijusius su Odoo verslo valdymo sistema.
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ITVision UAB
ERP.lt by ITVISION is leading consulting and service provision company. We enable our clients to focus on business growth rather than on software. The company technology independence, highly skilled IT talents and more than 15 years of experience in the ERP field helps clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change and guide their digital transformation journeys. We provide a full infrastructure based on private cloud. Our latest technology developments on AI grants the key advantage for supply chain and customer service experience. Our focus on ERP systems development and experience with mid-large scale customers guarantees timely managed implementation and full life-cycle of ERP system in your company.

Reservation Partner LT
RESERVATION PARTNER was established in 2008 at Kaunas, Lithuania. Since then the company has accumulated solid experience in providing ERP and CRM services to small and medium sized businesses and understand your diverse requirements. We suggest a variety of IT and custom programming solutions such as openERP system implementations, e-commerce, software.