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SMART Outsourcing and Business Consulting BV
SMART Outsourcing and Business Consulting BV Certified v14
Active Odoo partner and Robotic Process Automation consultancy firm for the Caribbean
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Blueback B.V.
Blueback B.V. Certified v13 Certified v14
Blueback is located in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean, and provides automation and back-office services for the region. We are official partner of Odoo, the world's best management software to run a company or organization.
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O-Caribbean bv
O-Caribbean bv
We’re a team of hands-on Odoo Caribbean-based specialists. We use Odoo to help companies in every industry make their life easier ( e.g. from restaurant to manufacturing), thanks to our diverse expertise, with years of experience in each field.
We focus on time-and-cost-efficiency, so you can focus on the things that you’re passionate about. You won’t have to deal with different details of the business you don't actually have time for, but which are also important for your business to thrive.
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