Automate campaigns

Define sophisticated rules

Micro-segment your database and decide the audience for your campaign. Use a combination of demographic (country, size of company, language, etc.) and behavioral (pages visited, lead score, etc.) attributes to set up your segment.

Create custom workflows

Set up your campaign around personalized messages based on prospect action. Add as many steps as you want.

Define an action for each step

Decide what type of message is sent when a prospect reaches a new step. You can send a personalized email, a report or even a custom action.

Use templates

Create your messages with pre-made templates to save time.

Personalize the sender

Personalize your “from” field and signature to give your automated email a more human feel.

Test before launching

Testing mode

Run a simulation of your campaign to test it in real-time or accelerated and fine-tune it before sending it.

Manual mode

You can also launch the campaign in manual mode, where each action requires manual validation.

Manage lead

Lead scoring integration

Score your leads based on demographic and behavioral attributes and keep nurturing them with your marketing campaign until they are “ready for sales” and automatically assigned to a sales rep.

Campaign statistics

Customizable dashboards

Create your own dashboard by assembling custom reports. Share filters and dashboard across teams.

Leads analysis

Get statistics about the source of your leads to evaluate your marketing campaigns’ ROI.

Visual statistics

Display the results of your statistical analysis on a pie chart, line chart, pivot table or list.

Emails performance

Get data on email open rates, bounce rates, clicks and deliverability.