Campaign management

Workflow creation and management

Create and customize workflows with a visual interface to better envision your customer journey.

Easy Segmentation

Segment your database easily with a clean widget using a combination of demographic and behavioral attributes. Your contacts will be enrolled to the campaign as soon as they meet the criteria.

Time trigger

Set delays between your workflow actions.

Test your workflow

Before activating your campaign, run your workflow on a test contact to view the sequence of events in action.

Customize email

Use pre-made building blocks to create your emails. Start from scratch or use our 10 themes.

Add if/then branches

Get your contacts following one path or another based on an action in your workflow (email opened / clicked / replied).

Automate internal tasks

Automate your workflow using both emails and tasks (eg. assigning a lead to a sales rep, send notifications, mark as lost, etc.)

Get real time statistics

See how your campaign is performing with KPIs such as open rate, bounce rate, clicks and deliverability.