Tabular chart 

Get an overview of all data in one single table that is fully adaptable to your field of research. 

Bar, line and pie charts 

Switch between different view styles for the same data to capture the most demonstrative view. 

Filter data 

Use built-in filters to gather informations within your research field, and create custom filters that you can save and use later. 

Export data 

Create Excel® spreadsheet documents from the collected data in just a few clicks. 

Customize board 

Create custom board containing only information that you consider more relevant to your business, and access it in a single click. 

Save Favorites 

Create filters and save them in a favorites list to instantly access them afterwards. 


All-apps reporting 

Get reports on all apps and subcategories in one single menu. 

Integrated with Odoo 

Access reports from within any app and create reports on the go.