Benefit of the Bootstrap Framework

What is Odoo Website Builder?

Odoo offers great user experience and is a new alternative to traditional CMS.

Fluid Grid Layout

Organize Your Content Easily

Drag and drop building blocks and design perfect web pages. Move, scale and resize the blocks to build your layout. Building blocks are based on the Bootstrap fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns  as the device or viewport size increases.

Modular Architecture

Clean HTML Building Blocks

Create your pages without typing a single line of code. We use a clean HTML structure. Edit, customize and export every page on the fly with the integrated Html editor. Distribute your work easily as an Odoo module.

Because content management systems are not evolving much we are introducing a new fast and easy way to create and manage online content. Forget all complex and time consuming processes you have encountered and go back to basics.

Build Awesome Websites & Themes

Easier. Faster. Just Plain Better.

Create Beautifull CSS/LESS Templates

Impress Your Clients.

Design pixel-perfect webapps and sites with Odoo's HTML5 & CSS3 framework. All themes, building blocks and features will work on Odoo 8 and all later versions.

Save Time. Improve Your Workflow.

Design Your Own Components.

Create themes faster by developing your own building blocks. Endless possibilities - limitless so you can express your creativity. Adapt your new building blocks to fit a variety of styles and layouts easily.

Clean Building Blocks & Inline Editing

What You See Is What You Get

Edit Anything Inline

Don't Waste Your Time. Focus On Content.

Our unique ‘edit inline’ approach lets you see the final result of  your page while you are editing. The time when clicking  on "Publish" made you shudder is gone! With Odoo  Website Builder what you see is really what you get.

Easy Drag & Drop!

You Are The Designer!

Our Web Builder includes a complete range of awesome and easy-to-use building blocks. Just drag, drop and customize! Don't worry about how your website will be displayed on your tablet or your mobile phone. Odoo Website Builder makes it instantly mobile friendly.

Success & Visibility At Your Fingertips

Mobile. SEO Friendly, Multi Language.

Great Mobile Experience

Responsive On All Pages & Devices

Get a mobile friendly website thanks to our responsive design. All your pages adapt automatically to the screen size on mobile phones, tablets and computers. You don't have to worry about your website not working when it's not being accessed from a desktop computer. With Odoo, your website and all the changes you make to it are instantly mobile friendly.

Attract More Visitors

SEO Optimization Tools

Odoo‘s "Promote" tool suggests keywords according to tne most searched terms on Google. Search engine optimization tools are ready-to-use, with no configuration required. Google Analytics tracks your shopping carts by detault. Sitemap and structured content are created automatically for Google indexing.

Multi Language Made Easy

Fast Automatic Translation

Have your website translated to a professional standard in multiple languages with no effort. Benefit from professional translators to translate all your content automatically with the Gengo integration. When you edit the master page, Odoo makes the same changes in all other languages within just a few hours.

No synchronization. Full integration.

Enterprise-Ready, Out-of-the-box

Build Stunning Product Pages

Boost Your Sales. Increase Your Revenue.

Activate ready-to-use enterprise features in just a click: e-commerce, call-to-actions, job offers, events, customer references, blogs, newsletter registration and much more.

Traditional ecommerce and CMS provide little integration with other systems because that is not their core focus. With Odoo's integration, you benefit from the best management software to follow up on your orders, job applicants, leads and much more - all in an instant.

Odoo Website Builder introduces a modern approach to CMS and eCommerce.
How? By getting rid of heavy administration interfaces, complex third party plugins and old school WYSIWYG editors.

We Need You To Build The Perfect CMS Framework

Join the Odoo Theme Design Community


Odoo is currently preparing a version of its first theme "Clean" that will include help such as comments on the code, so that designers have the support and tips they need to make their first theme. There will also be designer and developer documentation and exclusive training to help with creating themes and websites.  We need you, developers and designers, to spread beautiful web pages, themes and components all over the internet.

Some Examples Of Our First Bootstrap Themes

Create Your Own Set Of Colors, Fonts & Images