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A/B testing helps you build the perfect website

Send half your page's visitors to the original version (A) and half to the test version (B)
then keep the best one!

Small Changes That Become Big Wins
Decide what you're going to test

The words you use, the color of your headline and where you put your call-to-action can all have a huge impact on your bounce rate, your visits and your conversions. With Odoo A/B testing, any element of your website can easily be tested! Just decide what you would like to test and start measuring it.

Control the distribution of your A/B tests
Go one step further

Do you feel that one version is better than the other? With our A/B testing tool, you can run uneven tests by sending more traffic to one page. So you don't have to harm your performance just because you're testing.

Use actionable data to make smarter marketing decisions

A/B testing helps you to improve what's working and to get rid of what isn't

Discover what drives better results
See your data directly on Google Analytics

Marketers love to analyze and evaluate campaigns while they're running. Thanks to our Google Analytics integration, you can learn what CTAs, headlines or contact forms work best and tweak your campaigns on the go. Any useful data can be easily tracked in order to help you make decisions that will drive the best ROI.

Set your own goals
Track any KPI you want

Choose the metrics you want to pay attention to - from acquisition rate to click-through rate. Go one step further by customizing your own goals and analyze your entire marketing funnel!

Launch A/B tests in minutes

The possibilities are infinite thanks to Odoo CMS

A/B Testing Your Pages Easily
Simple design using clean building blocks

Odoo's building blocks allow you to easily experiment with style, colors, layout and more simply by dragging, dropping and customizing default building blocks. No technical skills required!

Edit Anything Inline
What you see is what you get

With Odoo's unique 'edit inline' approach, you can modify any content anywhere you like by just clicking and changing. It's that simple.

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