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TeleNoc (هلكون لتقنية المعلومات)

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TeleNoc (هلكون لتقنية المعلومات)
Al Mousa Office Buildings, Olaya, Tower No. 4, 2nd Floor, Office No. 425
11565 Riyadh

TeleNoc (Helcon IT) is an IT Services & Solutions Provider Company based in Saudi Arabia having HQ in Riyadh and presence in Jeddah and Dammam as well. TeleNoc has its branch offices in UAE, India and Pakistan. We have professional and experienced pool of  Onsite Functional and Technical Odoo Certified resources who have wide range of experience in Odoo implementations, consultancy, integration and customization.  We assure our esteemed clients to deliver the best of box quality oriented Odoo consultancy services timely. 

TeleNoc team is highly Experienced in ERP implementation Lifecycle. Following are salient factors to choose TeleNoc as your Odoo official consultant partner!

  • Odoo Cloud Implementation

  • On Premises Odoo Implementation

  • Customization and Integration Services

  • Annual Support Consultancy Services

  • Localized HR & Payroll System with ESS

  • Significant Experience over a complete Life cycle of ERP

  • Localized Arabic Version

  • Localized and Industry Vertical Add-ons/Apps

  • Industry-Specific Modules

  • Outsourcing Odoo Technical & Functional Consultants

  • Customized Solutions for Real Estate & Manufacturing

  • Expert in Solutions for Retail & Service Industry

TeleNoc started its operations since many years back by developing its own ERP software and then subsequently diversified its skill in the areas of Business Process Consulting and Solutions by having strategic partnerships with the Best of the Breed 500 Company’s product like Microsoft, IBM. Today TeleNoc has designed, written and successfully implemented enterprise software solutions across diversified industry segments. Due to holistic understanding of the ERP lifecycle from designing, programming, implementation and optimizations, the TeleNoc team holds deep insights into all the aspects of business solutions. With its deep domain knowledge in the area of Manufacturing (Discrete & Process), Professional Services, Retail and Public Sector, TeleNoc has achieved strong acumen and pioneered the “Money, Material and Resource” conceptual model of business transactions, and has developed a highly successful implementation methodology around the model. This unique implementation methodology developed by TeleNoc has over the period become one of the key drivers of the overall success and effectiveness of our implementations. 

TeleNoc as Odoo partner is offering consultancy and implementation of Odoo ERP system based on customer’s requirements. We have highly experienced functional and technical resources of Odoo for both on premises and cloud-based implementation of customized versions of the Odoo. We have professional and experienced pool of onsite technical and functional Odoo consultants who have wide range of experience in ERP implementations. We assure our esteemed clients to deliver the best of box quality oriented Odoo consultancy services timely.

For more details: www.telenoc.org/odoo

TeleNoc Business Profile (الملف التعريفي بالشركة): https://telenoc.org/profile/ 

TeleNoc Distinguished Customers (عملائنا المتميزين): https://telenoc.org/telenoc-customers/

TeleNoc Testimonials & Awards (شهادات الشكر) : https://telenoc.org/testimonials-awards/


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Nozom Alkhabrat IT Co.
Nozom Alkhabrat IT Co.
NOZOM is a Saudi Consulting Services and Information Technology company focuses on Business and Technology integration using best of standards and solutions , we commenced our operations in 2014. We works with clients to deliver business consulting services and business solutions that improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability of their business. We provide assurance services on the business processes to help our clients enhance the internal control systems and mitigate business risks. We understand that success comes to companies that operate with integrity. that is what we promise. That is why we are different. NOZOM has 290+ caliber professors and advisors who have more than 20 years experience in the IT filed. NOZOM has strategic partnership with major organizations who have also been established to help in conquering the IT market in the Kingdom.

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Saudi Prepared Media Laboratory Co Ltd
Saudi Prepared Media Laboratory Company Ltd was established in 1984 in Riyadh to meet the Saudi Arabian Markets needs for commercially available Pre Prepared Culture Medium in the form of Agar Plates, Tubed and Bottle Media. In the 30 plus years the company has been operation SPML has established a leading brand in the market place with a reputation for quality media and a service formatted to meet our customer needs. The range of media is designed to provide our customers with a one point source of their media requirements to support the media supply side of the business Saudi Prepared media has distribution agreements with a range of well recognized high quality European and US brands such as Abtek Biologicals Ltd UK Microbiologics - USA, CHROMagar - France and E&O laboratories Ltd UK to provide items such as ATCC Culture Strains, Range of high Quality affordable antibiotic Discs and Identification strips, the original chromogenic media range by the pioneer of Chromogenic Media and Quality blood based product range etc. all designed to provide our customers a complete and effective service. For further information please contact customer service and see how we can help you.
TeleNoc (هلكون لتقنية المعلومات)
TeleNoc (هلكون لتقنية المعلومات)
TeleNoc (Helcon IT) is an IT Services & Solutions Provider Company based in Saudi Arabia having HQ in Riyadh and presence in Jeddah and Dammam as well. We have professional pool of onsite technical and functional Odoo certified consultants who have wide range of experience in Odoo implementations, consultancy, integration and customization.

TeleNoc Business Profile: https://telenoc.org/profile/
TeleNoc Distinguished Customers: https://telenoc.org/telenoc-customers/
TeleNoc Testimonials & Awards: https://telenoc.org/testimonials-awards/