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Shine IT Co.,Ltd.

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201906 上海 31
+86 21 56473822

Shine IT is a dynamic and fast growing company committed to providing business solutions using a range of Free and Open Source Solutions (FOSS) implemented by a team of highly skilled workforce comprising of technical domains and business experts.


With many years of ERP consulting experience for top branded ERP system, the founders of Shine IT have discovered OpenERP  a very innovative and cost-effective ERP solution for SMB companies since 2006. They soon became enthusiasts of this open source project, and strive to master full stacks of the technology underneath and set up the very first Chinese OpenERP community site to promote OpenERP in China. They has made significant contributions to the growth of the OpenERP local community and the development of many localized OpenERP modules, and hence have been recognized as the core committer and driver in global OpenERP community.


Our team members are the best in the business, with many years of experience, deep technical expertise and industry-specific best practices. From planning and discovery to design and implementation, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations at every milestone and fostering an environment of open communication and growth.


Commitment, character and community are at the center of our business and drive us to deliver an exceptional customer experience, promote rapid return on investments and build lasting partnerships.


Blackship tech
黑船医疗简介: 黑船科技(上海)有限公司医疗事业部(Bio3D)作为国内领先的医疗解决方案提供商,专注于三维打印在医疗领域的应用开发。医疗事业部紧密结合当前医疗手术和医疗康复的特点,配合医生临床要求,利用自主研发的数字化医疗设计软件和云打印服务平台,将三维打印技术用于术前规划、术中导航、术后康复及个性化定制,提供最优的个性化数字化医疗解决方案,让三维打印技术和医疗临床应用深入结合, 辅助医生进行更多的医疗创新。
Central Hub China Marketing Services Co. Ltd
Based in Shanghai and active in China since 2005, Central Hub is an independent and multi-specialist agency built by a group of passionate China believers. Trilingual and versatile, our team members come from various horizons and bringing along expertise in communication, business development, branding, marketing and distribution, providing tailor made services to our international customers for their sustainable growth in China.

Central Hub is not only a company that knows the Chinese market and consumers; we understand deeply our clients and their industries. We do not just implement what has been told. Working alongside our clients, we develop strategies with decision makers: we understand who you are, where you are going to, and help you to achieve it.

Our clients include international B2B giants in food & beverage, auto & auto parts, chemical industries, as well as pioneer lifestyle brands in FMCG and luxury. We deeply understand the complexity of the marketplace, and more importantly, have cultivated our work pattern as practical and of high-standard. That lies in our gene, and we are responsible for every client we work for.
Kalisign Company
At Kalisign we manufacture premium custom-made signs. We specialize in Slimtek, a luminous and waterproof sign made of an acrylic block with LEDs embedded one by one. Each individual LED is carefully placed by hand at the right spot, so that light is diffused in the best possible way resulting in an evenly lit letter that runs cool to the touch. This special production also allows us to make very small and thin letters ideal for indoors, as well as large and uniformly lit surfaces optimal for outdoors.
We offer sign makers an efficient and precise production line to carry out the most demanding projects. Our experience and expertise guarantees great service, high-quality products and a reliable worldwide logistics service. The different materials, light effects and mountings make every product unique. We invite you to take a look at our website to discover the endless possibilities!