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InfoDom d.o.o.

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InfoDom d.o.o.
Andrije Žaje 61/I
10000 Zagreb
+385 1 3040 588

InfoDom Ltd has been for more than twenty years one of the leading Croatian software and IT consulting companies, that has the highest certified partnership status with world’s leading technology principals: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Odoo. The company focuses on services for strategic governance and digital transformation of public administration and businesses as well on services for integration of ICT solutions.

Key areas of our competitiveness are:

-          Digital transformation

-          Consulting, BPM, CRM, ERP and Interoperability

-          Consulting services for Smart Cities and Smart Regions

-          System integration and implementation

-          Product and Application development

All our services and solutions are developed and implemented following the latest modern technologies, national and European laws and regulations and highest international standards.

Our solutions and services cover various business areas, with focus on public sector, public finance, healthcare, education, local government and regional development and different business branches (telecommunications, energy, tourism and hospitality, agriculture and food-processing industry, transport and maritime, utility services and state-owned companies). Our aim is to help businesses, especially SMEs to improve and adapt their key business processes using the advanced information technology.

Through experience and knowledge, we achieve and deliver excellence.


InfoDom Ltd, as a part of InfoDom Group is expanding its business both regionally and towards western European countries. InfoDom Group consists of 14 companies, four of them operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and United Kingdom and has more than 110 employees.


More about Infodom Ltdyou can find on http://www.infodom.hr/default.aspx