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WANTECH Innovation Technology Limited
WANTECH Innovation Technology Limited Certified v12

Keep IT simple, Keep IT WANTECH.

WANTECH Innovation Technology Ltd.(WANTECH) is committed not only to providing customers in Hong Kong and China with comprehensive, handy and easy to use online system solutions but also to becoming customers’ partner, so our customers can focus on their own industry development.

We offer a wide range of online sy ...
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AFO System Limited (AFO) provides a unique approach to Industry 4.0 Open Source Digital Factory Solutions.
We specialise in the implementation of open source solutions for manufacturing industries such as ERP, APS, PLM and MES in China and Hong Kong. Our passion is to proactively assist our clients successfully implement a new era of manufacturing systems and become w ...
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Aboutknowledge (Hong Kong) Limited
Aboutknowledge (Hong Kong) Limited
A System integrator which specialized in Odoo, RPA, SugarCRM and customized development. We have customers not only in Hong Kong but over Thailand, Taiwan, UK, and Vietnam.

Our team members contains all sort of technical backgrounds, from IT technical to Business technical. IT technical, such as PHP, Python, AI, C#, Workflow, CRM, ERP, ECM, Java, RPA and integration background. With our business technical background, such as Lean, Six Sigma and TOC.

Our approach not only provide IT solutio ...
App2One Limited
App2One Limited
We specialize in providing Odoo CRM & ERP Solutions, innovative website or mobile app, eCommerce, online business engineering, hardware integration solutions, for both the non-profit and commercial organizations.

Caring for our customers are our top priorities. By understanding our customers’ needs, we facilitate our customers to re-engineer their existing business processes, so that they can generate more opportunities, profits and values out of our business solutions.

Our services cover ...
Natuzero Limited
Natuzero Limited
Natuzero is NOT purely an IT solution company. We understand that an IT solution is a tool and one can get most from it ONLY by working with appropriate Strategies. We promote a concept of “S2” (S-Square), i.e. Strategy x Solution, and are committed to your improvements.
After all, if you are finding an IT company, we have established over 8 years and our technical team have over 10 years of related experiences in average with domain knowledge in government body, banking & finance, trading and r ...