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[Odoo CE] Mass Mailing vs. Mail Templates

- 23-07-2019 04:56:13
Hello everyone,

             Not sure if this is better presented to the users channel 
rather than technical.

             A customer is looking to use mass mailing in Odoo as an 
alternative to mailchimp, as all their related data is in Odoo.

             For the purpose of this question, I am discussing remaining 
in the GUI and not dropping back to writing code. Additionaly, I am 
discussing the Community Edition of Odoo.

             I know how to create and use mail templates in Setting > 
Technical > Mail Templates and then use these templates is various areas 
of Odoo.

             I see the Mass Mailing Module in odoo and have tried to use 
it without diving into the code behind it.

             It appears there is no way to add variables / Dynamic 
placeholders. Additionally, there appears no way to load a template from 
the usual mail templates.

             Could someone advise if there is a relation between mail 
templates and mass mailing?

             In the CE version, is there a way to build new templates in 
the front-end?

             Is it possible to add dynamic placeholders, or access the 
code behind the template?

             By adding ${} / ${} in the mass 
mailing GUI template, ends up in that being directly rendered as text 
and not converted to the value.

         Appreciate the knowledge sharing.

         P.S. is there a resource available to point clients to on 
learning Mass Mailing / Email Templates?

         Best Regards,

         James Moyle,