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Re: Use same sequence for both Payment and its Journal Entry

Ecosoft Co. LTD, Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 24-04-2019 23:18:52
Thank you Yoshi,

If you remember from v8, given your mentioned rule of Odoo (JE use sequenc of Journal), we did have the similar confusion that, 
  • Customer Payment and Supplier Payment, use the same sequence (as it is using the same BNK journal). We was confused and at the end customer just can't accept our technical reason.
In v12, I can see that, Odoo see this problem and trying to resolve, by running number of Customer Payment and Supplier Payment separately (using its own sequence code)., But still the Journal Entry is having the same number.......

In v8, since it was not workable on our end so, we created a new config window to combine all document types together and manage in one place (to also reduce the confusion of managing sequence in Odoo at that time). And make sure that, Document and its Journal Entry will have the same number based on type of document.


I think whether to develop on something to fix this. The key question to answer first is,

From user perspective, should document's sequence (also its Journal Entry's if any) run number based on its document type or not?

If the answer is "Yes", I think we should find better way to manage it in Odoo.

Or if you guys have better way out, please advice. Many thanks for your valuable opinion.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 9:23 AM Yoshi Tashiro <> wrote:
Hi Kitti,

Do you also think different numbering confusing? (or why not?)

I personally do not find it so confusing just because I am already used to it.  But yes, I think many users probably find it confusing, and it could be an extra "peculiarity" that they need to learn.  The design rationale, as I understand, is that numbers of journal entries are tied to the journals, and payments can involve more than one journal.  I do not see strong enough reasons, though, to stick to this design unless I am missing something.

Yoshi Tashiro

On Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 5:57 PM Kitti Upariphutthiphong <> wrote:
Dear community,

Currently in Odoo v12, for Payment document, system is using different number between Payment Document and Journal Entry generated by it.

For example,
Payment = SUPP.OUT/2019/0002
Journal Entry = BNK1/2019/0002

For us it is quite confusing. We think the JE should be using the same number as its Payment, so both should be SUPP.OUT/2019/0002.

Note: for invoice, it is good, JE using same number as its invoice.

We are looking into develop a community module that force the number to follow its original document (payment).

But want to check first.
  1. Is this kind of module already exists?
  2. Do you also think different numbering confusing? (or why not?)
Many thanks all,

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