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Aalborg University
- 30-01-2015 05:01:24

Dear Charline,


We are preparing considerable changes to our teaching at our Bachelor programmes. This means that only a few of my students are using Odoo in 2015.

I am writing a book about business IT where I thought I will be using Odoo. But I have a problem with your request about a Odoo logo at our web sites. I am the head of the studyboard at our Business school which are a part of Aalborg University. I will never get permission to put a Odoo logo on our official websites (www.aau.dk)- never!

We have a content management system where I can put a logo and a link to Odoo but it will be password restricted.


Please help me Charline. I hope I can continue using Odoo with some MSc. Students in 2015 but in spring 2016 I expect to teach about 350 – 400 bachelor students every year.


Best regards


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Henrik Fladkjær

Head of Management Studies  |  Department of Business and Management


T: (+45) 9940 8259  | Email: hfl@business.aau.dk |  Web: www2.business.aau.dk

Aalborg University | Fibigerstraede 2, room 98 | 9220 Aalborg OE |




Fra: Charline Louis (clo) [mailto:clo@mail.odoo.com]
Sendt: 11 December, 2014 2:48 PM
Teachers - Education Program
Emne: Re: Teachers - Education Program


Dear teachers,

Soon, all the databases created on the Saas will be migrated into the new v8!

In order to continue your courses, the Education Program has been adapted too!
You can still use Odoo online with unlimited users, databases for a period of 6 months per environment. Also, the Education Program now includes the functional material of v8 with the videos of tutorial for each app!

Conditions to be part of the program remain the same. Although, we have added an extra one: We also ask that it is included on the school/university website that Odoo is used to teach on the course. This can be done by adding Odoo to details of the course description. There should be a link redirecting the reader to the Odoo App used on the course (for example: Odoo CRM, Odoo HR, Odoo WMS, etc).

If you are interested, please send me an email (education@odoo.com - don't reply to this mail) with the link of the page of your school where I can see that you added the Odoo link. As soon as I receive your email, I will send you the new Education package.



Thank you, 

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