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RE: v10: Creating Transfers to replenish stock (move it, not purchase it).

Jean-Claude Yared & fils, Pierre Yared
- 23-11-2017 00:59:58

Dear Jordi,


Thank you for the info below,


I have a clarification request:

We have 1000 items that need to be replenished from 1000 different Pallet locations à 1000 different box location à 1000 pcs location


Each item has its preferred Pallet/Box and pcs location assigned


We need to configure Min/Max reorder point on each location and create 2000 routes with pull rules (internal transfers) and the buy route for purchase ? is there an easier way to do it ?


On another note, is to create a smarter removal strategy that is based on the qty value of the transfer/sales? Example:


Item A:

Pallet is 1000 pcs

Box is 100 pcs

Pcs is 1 pcs


If we receive an order of 1101 pcs, the system would create 3 pickings 1x 1000 pcs from the pallet location 1x100pcs from the box location and 1 pc from the pcs location to transfer to partner location and then if order point is met to follow the regular flow created above?



Thank you!




From: Jordi Ballester Alomar []
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Subject: Re: v10: Creating Transfers to replenish stock (move it, not purchase it).




I have extensively worked on this topic.


You have to create orderpoints in P, S and B.


Then use this module:


Indicating in orderpoint P that you want to procure using Carton UoM.

Indicating in orderpoint S that you want to procure using Pallet UoM.


Then, you must set replenishment routes.

Create Route "Replenish", with pull rules, and assign it to your products.

S -> P, applicable on S

B -> P, applicable on B


When stock level in P reaches to a minimum, it will raise a procurement  in P that will be finding the "Replenish" route, and will create an internal transfer for the requested Cartons, from S to P.

When stock level in S reaches to a minimum, it will raise a procurement  in S that will be finding the "Replenish" route, and will create an internal transfer for the requested Cartons, from B to S.

When stock level in B reaches to a minimum, it will raise a procurement  in B that will be finding the "Buy" route, and will create a PO to replenish B.




On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 10:12 AM, Jos Colpaert <> wrote:

Dear Ray,


A warehouse corresponds normally to the whole.  It is true however that it is easier to configure through the warehouse form than through the routes.  However, here we would need to use the routes.  

To me, this corresponds to the typical case of fix picking slots with a floating reserve or replenishment use case, where you need to let down pallets e.g. to a level where instead of using a fork lift to take the entire pallet, you let the pallet down to a lower level, where it is easier to pick smaller quantities.  A lot of warehouses use this kind of system. 


There is a way to do it, but it would be good to have some feedback.  The way is to create routes for subzones below stock.  So, you would create a zone with single bottles a zone with cartons and a zone with pallets below WH/Stock e.g.  On the bottles zone, you create an orderpoint, but you have to put a min/max: e.g. 20/50 (as your delivery is from WH/Stock, not the sublocation, forecast stock won't be negative).  Then a route with a procurement rule is needed which is going to create a replenishment move from WH/Stock/Cartons to WH/Stock/Bottles.  And we need the same configuration from WH/Stock/Pallets to WH/Stock/Cartons.  


You can also still put a general orderpoint on WH/Stock for the purchase which would work with min/max 0/0.  (as you need to purchase in function of the total quantities, not just pallets) The advantage of this config is that you can also take full pallets immediately.  (otherwise you can work with normal zones, no need for subzones then)


Maybe you want the replenishment to happen manually from a report instead of automatic with the orderpoints in function of how much space you have left to put bottles/boxes. It would be good to know your experiences with it as it is a common use case.  








On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 9:15 AM, Saumil Shah <> wrote:

Hello Ray,

It is better you create P, S and B as warehouses.  Than you can use advance route functionality on warehouse.

There you can set resupply warehouse rule.

Thank you.

Hope that helps you.

Saumil S.
Evozard Consulting Services Private Limited


On Tuesday 21 November 2017 03:50 AM, Raymond Carnes wrote:

In warehouse with primary, secondary and bulk stock locations:


P – Primary

S – Secondary

B – Bulk

Single Bottles of Beer

Six Packs of Beer

Cartons of Beer

Cartons of Beer

Partial Pallets of Beer

Full Pallets of Beer

Replenished by moving Cartons from Location S

Replenished by moving Full Pallets from B

Replenished by purchasing more stock via Vendor PO’s.


Is there a way to configure Odoo with Procurement/Push Routes/Routes/Reordering rules to create transfers from:


S to P (when P is low)?

B to S (when S is low)?


All locations are in the same warehouse.


Any ideas, modules, examples, etc greatly appreciated.




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