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Re: Bug with paypal returning to web

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch
- 08-02-2016 22:03:02
Hi Didier,

What method have you used to install Odoo 9.0, and what are your server specifications (eg. RAM, cpu cores, etc.)?

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On 9 Feb 2016, at 3:12 AM, Didier Lacombe <> wrote:


I have "tried" to install ODOO V9 :

but technical setting can't no longer be installed why ?

I have tried About us--> Activate developper mode but screen is desaperatly locked out with a black strip instead of normal menu
in addition I got an error when I activate web Builder !!!

Any ideas ?

best regards

2016-02-08 13:46 GMT+01:00 Luke Branch <>:

I have been using 9.0 in production for a few months now and do almost daily updates. I've had no problems with Paypal's IPN triggering a confirmation of a sale order until a couple of days ago.

I've spoken to PayPal and they have checked the IPN logs and could not find an issue on their end.

Although I haven't been able to pinpoint where the problem came from (eg. a commit that effected this behaviour), I have done an update to the latest code from GitHub and done an upgrade on the base module.

My PayPal payments are now working fine and triggering a confirmed sale order as they should.

I would suggest in your case make a backup of your filesystem and database, then upgrade Odoo (using git or whatever method you installed with) and then upgrade the base module which should trigger an upgrade of any other modules that depend on base.

In my case it's fixed the issue, maybe it will help in your case as well.

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On 8 Feb 2016, at 7:18 PM, Didier Lacombe <> wrote:


Under Web shop Odoo V8.0 I have installed Paypall and it's working fine with Odoo invoicing to portal user- no problem -

But with the Web shop I have a bug.

I have applyed all what is said into the following :

without any success I always get the same error when I return from payment to web shop

page : Localhost:8069/payment/paypal/dpn 

1) I have succesfully changed the page to be returned about in Paypal : No success (the page is correctly validated by Paypal): NO SUCCES
2) I have cancelled the option AUTORETURN  from Paypal : NO SUCCESS

so the sales order stay in drafy state all the time, I have to invoice and paid it manually

If someone could help thanks

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