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Re: Installing Odoo v8 on ubuntu

- 23-09-2014 05:15:27
On 23/09/14 10:03, Elikplim Elliot Kitsikpui wrote:
> Thanks a lot AL, for your new “How To”. Please is there by chance you
> have worked on how to migrate from version 7 to Odoo. Thanks a lot.

Thank you.

Migration is a separate, and much more complex, issue. It has been 
discussed at length on this list recently.

You have several possible approaches:

1. Buy OpenERP Enterprise
2. Try OpenUpgrade or whatever it is called
3. Migrate the database manually, table-by-table
4. Export data as csv and re-import
5. Use tools like erppeek and the xml-rpc api

I doubt very much if an Odoo migration will ever be written up as a "How 
To" on a blog post...