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Re: OCA Sprint Training: Multicompany on steroids: Operating simultaneously on various companies

Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 28-09-2017 16:07:59
Great to know! We are building scripts that detect multicompany situations on a module partially automate the code generation for constraints, onchange, domains in views, etc.. This is helping us to do a more throrough analysis.

On Sep 28, 2017 9:31 PM, "Juan José Scarafía (ADHOC)" <> wrote:
Hi Jordi, thanks for sharing.
We have been working in a similar approach on this ugly repository
So, for sure we are going to join this topic on the OCA sprint.

El jue., 28 sept. 2017 a las 12:16, Jay Vora (<>) escribió:
Superb as always Jordi!

On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 8:45 PM, Jordi Ballester Alomar <> wrote:
Dear Odoo community,

Next week, during the OCA Sprint (October 2nd, 3rd) I am proposing to give a talk "Multicompany on steroids: Operating simultaneously on various companies" on an interesting project we're doing in v10.

We want users to be able to operate simultaneously on various companies, without the need to switch from one company to another.

Why this capability?

The current capability of Odoo to switch between companies is good enough, when you have a few companies, but can turn into a problem for users that operate on multiple companies every day, because they will easily loose the whole picture.

Imagine that you are a manager of warehouse or accounting for an organization that deals with 10 very small companies.

A warehouse manager does not care about companies. He cares about warehouses, and might welcome to operate on them all at the same time, quickly.

An accounting clerk wants to reconcile a number of bank accounts, regardless of what companies these bank accounts belong to. He should assume that when he runs the reconciliation, Odoo will propose invoices from the same company.

So, as you see when a user runs the processes, in many cases the company has already been provided during previous steps. So the users of the process not really deal or care much about the concept of company, as they deal with other organizational elements, such as Warehouse, Sales Team, etc.. that are closer to their given functional responsibility. Those secondary organizational element are then related to a given company.

How do we introduce this capability?

This capability introduced several challenges to the Odoo out of the box, and we're building the necessary adjustments using various modules. Basically we're doing:

1) Allowing users to update company dependent data (including property fields) all at the same time, in the context of a given parent company, for the companies they are allowed to maintain.
2) Allowing users to display data from all companies they are allowed to, clearly distinguishing the company that the data originates from.
3) Introducing constraints to ensure that the processes are consistent company-wise. E.g. cannot change the company of a journal, if it already is present invoices that are from another company.

Our plan is to propose this work to OCA soon. In case that people is interested we can organize a code sprint track during the OCA Sprint next week! Of course, contributions of any kind are more than welcome!


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