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Re: Stripe payment completes but no order confirmation

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch
- 01-09-2017 02:33:47
How many workers do you have configured in your odoo-server.conf file?

I have encountered this issue when workers <= 1

Try configuring more than one worker and see if this resolves your issue.

What are your server specs (# of cpu cores, etc)?

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On 1 Sep 2017, at 12:50 AM, Brandon Smith <> wrote:

On Odoo Enterprise v10, after a user clicks on the Accept and Pay link in the quote email, they are able to submit a successful payment via the Strip integration, we receive the notification from Stripe that the payment was successful, but the “Make a payment” window remains on the screen, no confirmation appears to the end user, and the sales quote is not changed to a confirmed order in the Sales module.

Any ideas from the community on how to get past this point?

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