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Re: France: Finance Act 2016 and Free Software

- 31-05-2017 06:14:33
2017-05-31 11:40 GMT+02:00 Didier Lacombe <>:
> hello
> But if the payment is done by Paypal (as an exemple)
> then Paypal I guess is certified

There has been very long discussions about what is concerned and what
is not concerned by this act.
2 opinions have been argumented for a year:

The first "camp" (seems Auneor shares this interpretation) says :
-  a standard ERP system is concerned because we mark invoices as paid
and record it in accounting.
-  conformance can be achieved with complements and sysadmin rules
applied to all the ERP system : reasonable impact for all users.
-  attestation can be delivered even if the original product (Odoo-CE)
your solution is based on doesn't conform and is not certified.

The second "camp" (I belong to this) says :
- an ERP is not concerned by this law if there is no cash payment
registration on it, because this text is only about payment
- the Odoo POS is a cash payment registration device, which doesn't
conform and must be replaced by a certified device: deep impact but
only for POS users.
- attestation is not valid if you know that the solution doesn't
conform to regulation.

This discussion got no definitive answer.

Regarding camp 1, I guess the answer to your initial question on
Paypal would be : "use our specific and attested service which covers
everything" like Auneor does.
>From camp 2, you should get : This law doesn't concern payments which
are not directly recorded on a cashier software/device, so Paypal is
not concerned at all.

> otherwise many french customer could use online payments at all on all website (not only odoo ones)

Yes, but this argument is not valid. Even a stupid law can have bad
consequences and we must conform.

> Don't you all agree upon ?
yes for me ;-)