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Product Reordering Rule Execution

Turkesh Patel, Turkesh Patel
- 31-05-2017 05:53:16
Hello Community,

We have 30K+ products and related reordering rules in DB. Now in that we have scenario that we want to create procurement for minimum qty. Now we have configured products to manufacture (in routing) with proper min qty rules.
Product C (BOM contains product B)
Product B (BOM contains product A)
Product A (BOM contains product XYZ)

Now if we sale 100 Qty of Product C and run reordering rule it will create MO for product C  with 100 qty.(when run scheduler it takes almost 30min to 1 hour in executing all products). But we don't have stock of B so when we run scheduler again it will create MO of B and same step will need to repeated for Product C.

User will like to run scheduler once and quick output. I don't know if i miss any configuration or on wrong way.

So looking for solution  to
1> Create all MO in one shot
2> Fast execution of reordering rule to create procurements

Any suggestion or solution for such situation?
Any one else is facing such issue?

Thanks & Regards,

Turkesh Patel

Mob: +91 9033584086

Skype: turkesh4friends