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Re: Proprietary modules for 8.0?

Ondrej Kuznik
- 21-10-2016 09:37:46
On 21/10/16 14:17, Dominique Chabord wrote:
> 2016-10-21 14:40 GMT+02:00 Ondřej Kuzník <>:
> On 21/10/16 13:03, Eric Caudal wrote:
>> Hi Dominique,
>> I am not talking about this but about the Odoo private license with
>> the OpenERP contract.
>> This is a kind of double license, isnot it?
>> Having paid for Odoo private license forbids you to distribute those
>> modules, doesn't it?
> Not sure you talk about the same thing. Eric mentionned OpenERP
> contract which existed sometimes when OpenERP was the name.
> Odoo private is called Odoo Enterprise, it is not dual licensing but
> proprietary addons over LGPL core. It is not valid for Odoo V8.
> 2016-10-21 14:40 GMT+02:00 Ondřej Kuzník <>:
>> AFAIK the customer would have to be paying Odoo for
>> the same in order for you to be able to sell such a module to them,
>> but  that's not something that Odoo Apps suggests they need.
> I don't get the point. You can sell proprietary modules (license of
> your choice) on top of V9 Community because V9 Community has been
> relicenced to LGPL. Odoo is just a market place in this case.

Well, Odoo marketplace claims you are buying the module for 8.0, also
says the module is proprietary, not AGPL. The question was, can the
seller apply that licence in the first place?

If they have some arrangement with Odoo that lets them do it (although
other emails suggest that used to be the case around the release of 6.1
but not any more), does that put the buyer at risk instead? And if Odoo
know that the buyer can't legally use that module but sell it to them


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