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RE: Odoo to manage a supermarket.

IBS Group
- 10-07-2016 12:09:41



I advise you not to do this.


We tried to implement odoo POS in a supermarket, but it was not a successful project. We have concluded that the POS is more suited to commerce/stores with a small amount of products and no problems with things like speed and efficiency.


These are the critical problems we faced with our customer:

·         Hardware integration, specifically barcode readers, if you rely on keyboard mode, you will end up with missed scans, if you rely on software servers, you are affecting speed and will have latency problems

·         Session starting and closing: with thousands of products this takes too much time

·         Secondary display integration ( LCD/LED )

·         Overall speed and reactivity feel

·         Lack of touch keyboards



We ended up scraping the odoo POS module and building a brand new standalone POS client, that is integrated with odoo and has native hardware support ( Barcode reader communicating via serial/usb interface instead of keyboard mode ) and is highly reactive/efficient with instant session starting/closing.


Here are a couple of screenshots:



Good luck



Karim Boukabbouz

Chief Technology Officer @ IBS North Africa

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Subject: Odoo to manage a supermarket.



Please, can I have your feedback on the implementation of Odoo for a supermarket with several POS and less than 100 000 product references (or more)?


Thanks in advance



Développeur Python/Odoo

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