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Re: Issue faced during Custom Module Upgradation from Odoo 7 to Odoo 9

Nitish Raina
- 04-04-2016 12:05:52
Hi Everyone,

Can someone provide information regarding these :

1. What is basic purpose of using resolve_o2m_operations in odoo 7 ?

2. In Odoo 9 , Is there any equivalent method present which can be used in place of resolve_o2m_operations ?

I would be really grateful for your replies ....!!!
Thanks in advance.

Nitish Raina

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 3:02 PM, Nitish Raina <> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I am working on the project in which it is required to run a customised module named "Laberp" on Odoo 9 currently running in Odoo 7.

These are the issues which I am facing right now for up-gradation purpose:

1.When I tried  to install Laberp in Odoo 9 ,the following error showed up :

from account_voucher.account_voucher import resolve_o2m_operations
ImportError: No module named account_voucher.account_voucher

Reason :--> The resolve_o2m_operations is a function defined in file in Odoo 7 and the customized code is using this function.
Now this function is not present in Odoo 9 file.

2. To proceed further ,when I tried to skip that part of code it resulted in this :

raise openerp.exceptions.Warning('Currently, this database is not fully loaded and can not be used.')
UserError: ('Currently, this database is not fully loaded and can not be used.', None).

After this error , the UI stops working completely and the servers gets down.

Please find the attachment of the file having complete error showing up and screenshot

Can someone please support me with how can I manage to run this module in Odoo9 ?

Nitish Raina