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RE: RMA solutions for Odoo 8?

Ray Carnes
- 22-09-2015 10:39:17
Although the workflows aren't as integrated and the separate documents are not automatically linked: warranty, returning, refunding, repairing with quotes and sending back to a supplier, have all been supported via the claim_from_delivery, crm_claim and mrp_repair modules (all standard modules) since version 6.0.

Not mention the Community Efforts - check


From: Mark Benson
Sent: ‎9/‎22/‎2015 7:03 AM
To: Community
Subject: RMA solutions for Odoo 8?


When we initially investigated OpenERP we looked at version v7, which
has n RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization, for processing goods
returned to a retailer from a customer) module aviable for it. Since
then we have moved to look at implementing v8 and no RMA module is
listed for it.

Does anyone know of a pre-made RMA solution available for Odoo v8?



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