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still problems Re: no pictures after restore of backup

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 16-08-2015 17:25:37
hi there

thanks to all that have answered, you did put me on the rigth track

On 16.08.2015 11:35, Ferdinand Gassauer wrote:

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On 2015-08-16 11:26, robert rottermann wrote:

look for a filestore directory

now I also copy the the filestore directory from the remote to the local server.

I now can access the attachements from
the settings/database/attachements screens.

unfortunately I still do not see any pictures,
and in the overview of the attachements I do not see any previews.

however I can download the images.

I must say, that the original location of the filestore was:
and is now:

but I adapted the data_dir parameter in the config file.

what other nob is there that I could twist.

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> Hi there,
> I am setting up a restore of a odoo database to a local computer.
> What I do is the following:
> 1. on the remote server I dump the atabase with db_dump > db.sql
> 2. copydb.sql to the local computer.
> 3. load the database with pg_restore
> 4.started my local odoo
> now everything seem to be fine, but I do not see most of the pictures.
> here is the local url to an image:
> http://localhost:8069/website/image/ir.attachment/253_51a9925/datas
> and the remote url, where the same image is correctly displayed:
> now my questions:
> - where does odoo save the images?
> - how do I correctly backup restore the database..
> thanks
> robert
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but I adapted the