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Re: Large amount of concurrent users.

Dave Ellison
- 26-01-2015 09:34:56

We don't quite have that many!

We have 10 concurrent users, with a VM being given 1 socket 4 cores 2.6
GHZ, with 2GB of memory. We don't have any slow down or performance
issues, unless I am creating a snapshot, exporting huge amounts of data
etc. Though that's generally out of hours ;)

So not quite the same, but if you scale up, you should be fine. What I
would say is look as Postgres and see if you can utilise some of that
memory for the DB. May need to look at customising the Postgres install.


On Mon, 2015-01-26 at 12:12 +0000, John Pia Jr wrote:
> For my o2 implementation I need to plan who built the system to
> support 80 + concurrent connections. Does anybody have experience with
> running a large implementation like this and if so what are some steps
> that I should take to ensure that I have adequate performance on the
> server. The server is a Dell R 710 with 2 3. 1 ghz processor and 48
> gigs of ram. I'm confident that my server hardware resource is
> adequate however from a configuration standpoint I need more
> information. Any insight would be great.
> Thanks all
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