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problems with transactions in foreign currencies Odoo 9, 10

- 18-10-2016 15:47:20
Dear Odoo Community,

I write this because, in my opinion, it's incredible to translate
foreign transactions in a foreign currency to the company's currency
with a calculator using accounting software. Yes I'm writing about
Odoo 9, and likely about 10. Ten versions in the currency translating

Creating manual journal entries in a foreign currency an accountant
has to write the currency amount and using appropriate FX rate write
the amount in the currency of the company. Why using a calculator?
Because there is only a simple field for a foreign currency amount and
Odoo does not know about whether the amount goes to Dr or Cr. Let's
take 1000 transactions.... Looks like the hell for accountants,
doesn't it?

How it could be? Company's currency is called 'functional currency'.
Foreign currency - any currency other than that the functional one. So
any transaction happens either in a functional currency or in a
foreign currency. Therefore a transaction shall be entered as the Dr
or Cr in a journal in TRANSACTION'S CURRENCY. Necessarily as Dr or Cr
and not as it goes now when the currency amount is entered just into
one field. Having an amount in the transaction's currency, Dr or Cr,
it's really easy to get Dr or Cr amount in the functional currency.

And easy super feature, for example, for the corporate edition to
introduce a presentation currency - a currency in which financial
statements are presented. The presentation currency can be the same as
the functional currency - the most common case - but if someone wants
a different presentation currency, voilà, use the feature,

Fields for the account.move.line mode In a brief:
amount_currency - remove and add instead

debit - calc as debit_amount_currency * FX_rate
credit - calc as credit_amount_currency * FX_rate


Sincerely yours
  Artem Afanasev
  Public Accountant